Who can study abroad?

Students full-time and extra-mural students of:

Bachelor studies:

  • students of the first year who have completed the first semester at the Faculty of Economics - the possibility to study only in the summer semester;
  • the second-year students, who completed three semesters of studies at the Faculty of Economics;
  • conditionally third-year students - the possibility to study in the summer semester, provided to continue Master studies at the Faculty of Economics (obligation to present a statement concerning Master studies at the FE).

Master studies:

  • students of the first year who have completed the first semester at the Faculty of Economics

    Please note that in case of applying for exchange for the last semester of the last year of studies two additional documents are required: statement (here) and declaration of support from master thesis supervisor (here)

    Note! Students of International Business and part-time students leaving to study in the framework of the ERASMUS+ program are not exempted from tuition fees for UG during the period. This is the result of the symmetric nature of the exchange programme. Foreign students are accepted in exchange for our students going abroad and our students do not have to pay tuition fees while abroad.


Language assessment, which is a key element of a mobility program Erasmus+, aims to properly prepare each participant and to gather evidence of the language skills of the program participants. Therefore, the participants will undergo an evaluation of language skills before the mobility. At the end of the mobility period, students will undergo the next evaluation in order to monitor progress in their language skills. Participation in mobility is dependent on the level of knowledge of the language of instruction (or language suggested for students in the exchange program). Additionally, since January 1st, 2015, the language level is also monitored by the Internet tool OLS (Online Linguistic Support) introduced by the European Commission. Before going to the hosting university, participants are required to fill in electronically a language test, on the basis of which a license for an online language course (at the appropriate language level) is allocated.