The ERASMUS program was created in 1987 as a student exchange program. The primary goal remains the development of international cooperation between universities. In 2013/2014 this program was replaced by ERASMUS+ program designed to support the same aims and challenges.

ERASMUS+ program supports activities aiming at knowledge, skills and competences that will benefit universities, as well as their students and professors, employees and society as a whole by contributing to growth and ensuring prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond. Through this program, students have an opportunity to complete part of their studies and internships abroad, whereas universities to participate in international projects.


Poland has participated in the ERASMUS program since 1998/99 for years 2007-2013. From the academic year 2013/2014 Poland takes part in ERASMUS+ program.

Students of Faculty of Economics during studies abroad have the opportunity to learn better  foreign languages, different cultures and to increase awareness of diversity in Europe and beyond. Such education and training ensure that our graduates will address objectives of competitiveness, skills and qualifications indispensable as regards employment in challenging labour markets.

The  Faculty of Economics offers more than 180 places for student’s mobility in universities in 19 different European countries each year.