ERASMUS Internship

Student mobility for placements enables students at the Faculty of Economics to spend a placement (traineeship/internship) period of 3 months in an enterprise or organisation in another participating country.


Thinking of a placement within Erasmus Programme?

Below you will find out what, where, when and how to do to spend 3-months practical placement within the EU Erasmus Programme.

Please read carefully from beginning to end. You will find all necessary information. This will save you time.

Who can benefit from student placement in academic year 2013/2014?

Students of Bachelor degree, Master degree and Doctor Degree (students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes).

Students who are on Dean’s leave or any other leave cannot participate in the programme.

Participation in the programme is possible only provided being full-fledged student what means that diploma exam can take place only upon returning from a placement. It cannot, however, extend a study period.

In case of Ph. D. students participation is possible only until the end of their studies. 

Student can benefit from student placement only once.

Students leaving to study within the Erasmus Programme can apply for a
practical placement.



ERASMUS placement does not relieve the obligation to submit the thesis within a period consistent with the Rules of the University of Gdańsk studies.


What are principles of the programme?


  • Student finds a host organisation and comes into contact with a host organisation by himself or herself (individually). The host organisation confirms its readiness to accept a student for a placement in a Letter of Intent.
  • Host organisations for students placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres, libraries, non-profit organisations and other organisations.
  • A host organisation for student’s placement should be located in a country participating in Erasmus Programme.
  • Placements should enable students to adapt to the requirements of an international environment and should develop competences in the context of acquiring work experience as future professionals.
  • Excluded are European Union institutions and other EU bodies including specialised agencies, organisations managing EU programmes and national diplomatic representations of the home country of the student.
  • Placements enable students to spend 3 calendar months within the period of 15 January until 15 September 2014. Deadline of the participation in a placement is 15  September 2014.  
  • Students who want to spend a practical placement for a period longer than three months will have to cover the cost for the additional period on their own.



Recognition of a period of placement shall be recorded in the Diploma Supplement based on the approved training documents submitted in the Dean’s office before the Diploma Exam.

Recognition cannot be given using ECTS credits.

In case of Ph.D. students recognition of a period of placement shall be written in the student's transcript of records (student’s book).


Grant (financial support)


  • Students may be awarded an ERASMUS grant to help cover the travel and subsistence costs (including insurance costs) incurred in connection with their placement period abroad.
  • Grants are available in accordance of a country of a placement. The EU Commission divided participating countries into 3 groups.
  • In academic year 2013/2014 grants are as follows:
    • I group of countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Island, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, the Great Britain: 1950 € (3 months);
    • II group of countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy: 1440 € (3 months);
    • III group of countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary: 1050 € (3 months).   

Note - Students may only receive two ERASMUS grants: one grant for a study period and one for a placement period.



Required mobility documents

  1. Letter of Intent prepared for the student who wish to participate in a placement by a host institution. This agreement must be endorsed by the host organisation.
  2. A Training Agreement  (grant agreement) with information about the student, covering the mobility place and period and signed between the student and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics. This signature is recognized as an endorsement of the Faculty of Economics regarding a specific programme of the placement and its period in the host institution.




The recruitment is a two–step procedure


1st stage

Recruitment is carried out in the Faculty of Economics. It involves all students of the Faculty. Students are selected by Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics guided by the following criteria:
  • Confirmation of a host organization of its will to accept the student for a practical placement (Letter of Intent)
  • Knowledge of the foreign language (working language of a host organisation),
  • Good performance in education,
  • Motivation to leave,
  • Candidate's personal culture,
  • Activity for the Faculty.

NOTE - the form must include the average of the marks calculated and confirmed by the Dean`s Office.


2nd stage

After recruitment in the Faculty of Economics student transfers all required documents to the recruitment by Students Exchange Office of the University of Gdańsk where students of the whole University can apply for. Students Exchange Office shall make final selection of students based on the same criteria as in the first stage.





Completed by the student and the Dean's Office form must be submitted in Students Exchange Office (Rector’s Office room 115) commencing 4 November 2012.

Recruitment process will last until 15 April 2014 (12:30 hrs).

Recruitment process may be completed earlier in case of utilization of all available grants.

Additional reserve list of students can be established in case of significant interest in a placement mobility.


Additional information:


Students Exchange Office (Rector’s Office room 115), phone: 58 523 24 42

The University Coordinator: Barbara Wawro

Mo., Tue., Wed. 08.30-12.30

Thur., Fri. 10.00-14.00

In case of any doubts and questions please, do not hesitate to contact the University Coordinator.


University websites concerning Erasmus Internship:, on the menu on the left –>Erasmus