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Erasmus+ Programme Incoming Students Coordinator (Faculty of Economics)

Information for students


Investment and risk assessment - deadline for project delivery 25.06.23.

Portfolio management - deadline for project delivery 26.06.23

International economic perspectives - mark will be based on short in-class exams which took place at the end of each lecture, expect it around 26.06.23.




"International economic perspectives"

05.04.23 - no class

Schedule for visiting professors (please check each week )

29.03.23 - prof. Inna Romanova, Latvian University - key financial issues in international economy

19.04.23 - prof. Marina Zanne, University of Ljubljana- role of ports in international economy

26.4 - no class

10.05.23 - prof. Laurent Guihery

24.05.23 - no class

31.05.23 - prof. Godfrey Baldacchino

07.06.23 - dr Yulia Bykovska, Caspian University

12.06 - 16.06.23 - Most lectures will be here during Erasmus week /your schedule will be rearranged to accommodate for those lectures. Do not worry - we will make arrangements with your regular lecturers).


In order to register for lectures during Erasmus week please use the link below

Lecture rooms:

Monday: C301

Tuesday : before 13:00 room C202 from 13:30 room C301




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Portfolio management
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