In the Ranking of all Universities in Poland prepared in 2016 by prestigious Educational Foundation „Perspektywy” University of Gdansk was placed among top ten universities in Poland. Its 8th position in 2016 was achieved due to the high potential of academic staff, scientific effectiveness and excellent terms of teaching quality.

In 2016 the Faculty of Economics in 2016 was placed on the podium - the third place in the ranking of the Universities and the Faculties of Economics by the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita". The first and second place went to the Warsaw University.
Rating summary indicates that in the coming times economists’ skills are increasingly important, hence the need is to educate well-trained economists. The rating score underlined the level of internationalization, quality of teaching and scientific potential.

The Faculty of Economics has the largest number of signed agreements, in which the students of this department are leaving to study abroad and foreign students come to study in Sopot, having opportunities to learn how to function in an international environment.
Annually, within approx. 80 agreements with foreign universities approx. 60-70 students of the Faculty are studying abroad, and this is the highest outgoing students number across the university (20%). At the same time approx. 50 foreign students are coming to study for a semester and / or year in Sopot, and every year the number is growing. Faculty of Economics welcomes most students in the scale of the university - 40% of all students.
Studies at the Faculty of Economics are conducted according to the world standards including macro- and microeconomics, world economy, quantitative methods of economic organization and management, finance, marketing and logistics. Assessing the quality of teaching is the important factor of the potential of qualified scientific personnel, including recognized professors with experience of working with economic and financial institutions, both at international and national level, e.g. the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the Monetary Policy Council, and at the local government level.
Faculty of Economics cooperates with many institutions and companies located in the Tri-City, creating an environment to facilitate the transfer of know-how between universities and employers. Thanks to the cooperation with ACCA Poland and obtained international accreditation, as well as cooperation with the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and Thomson Reuters, students are equipped with practical business skills and offered a job.
Faculty of Economics has a free access to financial information, in cooperation with the global data provider Thomson Reuters  and in a laboratory established in cooperation with the OSTC.
In 2015 in the ranking prepared by the Educational Foundation "Perspektywy" University of Gdansk took 7th place among 25 universities and 17th among 86 Polish academic schools.
The ranking published by the Educational Foundation "Perspektywy" consists of six groups of criteria: prestige, scientific, academic performance, innovation, study conditions and the internationalization of studies. Other rankings consist of five groups of criteria: prestige, strength, scientific innovation, studying conditions and the internationalization of studies (the criteria are included in the various rankings of different weights).
In 2015 in the scientific ranking of "Polityka" University of Gdansk achieved the 4th place among 21 Polish universities and 6th among 86 academic universities in Poland. It is the highest rank of Pomeranian universities. Ranking "Polityka" is published on the basis of objective parameters Hirsch Index, which shows the number announced by the universities of scientific publications and their citations in other publications. compared to the previous year index value Hirsh for UG increased from 98 to 105 points. This means that the scientific work of researchers from the University of Gdansk are known and quoted in respected scientific journals. In the ranking of the Pomeranian employers it was located on the 2nd place.

In 2014 in the Ranking of Universities "Perspektywy 2014" University of Gdansk was at the 6th place among the universities (of rated 23 university schools) and in 15th place among academic institutions (rated were 88 academic schools). It was also the most highly regarded institution of higher Pomeranian region by employers in Poland, and in the evaluation of employers Pomeranian - took 2nd place.

The 15th anniversary edition of the Ranking of Universities "Prospects for 2014" was prepared by the Foundation for Educational Perspectives and rated 195 Polish universities (88 academic schools, 80 graduate and 27 non-state higher vocational schools). The ranking was published on May 21, 2014 on the website of "Perspectives" and in a special supplement to "Dziennik. Gazeta Prawna".

In the ranking of academic schools (with the right to confer doctoral degree) - University of Gdansk took the 15th place among 88 evaluated schools. Ranking of academic institutions was based on 33 specific criteria, forming six groups of criteria: prestige, scientific potential, scientific efficiency, innovation, internationalization and study conditions.

According to the national employers University of Gdansk was on the highest of all universities in Pomerania - in 19th place among 50 evaluated universities. In the opinion of employers Pomeranian took 2nd place (the first took the Gdansk University of Technology, and the third - University of Warsaw).