About Department

Department of Transport Economics

ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121
81-824 Sopot

tel. 058 523 13 45
fax: 058 523 11 90


Department of Transport Economics since its creation has participated in scientific research aimed at economics of transport and logistics as well as broader business related studies. Nevertheless main area of conducted works is transport related. The Chair is also involved in academic programme for students at the Faculty of Economics offering broad selection of courses. Department has participated in numerous research projects (both foreign and home sponsored) and prepared important policy documents for Polish government, EU institutions and other public authorities. It has also developed a number of professional analyses for commercial sector.

The Department is headed by Professor Monika Bšk. Other members of the team are: prof. Przemysław Borkowski, prof. Giuseppe T. Cirella, prof. Aleksandra KoŸlak, prof. Barbara Pawłowska and dr Elzbieta Adamowicz. 


The Chair has a strong international position. Since 1994 it has participated in European Union Framework Programmes. In particular team was involved in the following projects:

  • CATRIN (Cost Allocation of Transport Infrastructure Cost, FP6 2007-2009),
  • GRACE (Generalisation of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation, FP6 2006-2008),
  • IMPACT (Internalisation Measures and Policies for All external Cost of Transport, EC, 2007-2008),
  • ASSESS (Assessment of the contribution of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010, EC 2004-2005),
  • TREMOVE (Expert review the TREMOVE transport model in Poland, EC 2004),
  • SPECTRUM (Study of policy regarding economic instruments complementing transport regulation and the undertaking of physical measures, FP5 2002-2005),
  • TEN-STAC (Scenarios, traffic forecasts and analysis of corridors on the Trans-European network, FP5 2003-2004),
  • SCENARIOS (Scenarios for the Trans-European Network, FP4 1996-1998),
  • CODE-TEN (Strategic Assessment of Corridor Developments, TEN-T Improvements and Extensions to the CEEC/CIS, FP4 1998-2000),
  • SCENES (European Transport Scenarios, FP4 1999-2001),
  • CBET (Costs and Benefits of Enlargement, EC 1998-1999),
  • RAIL (Improvement of Competitiveness of Rail Transport in the CEEC's, EC, 1999),
  • EXCOST (External costs of transportation and internalisation, FP4 1994-1995).

The Chair had contributed to transition of Polish economy in transport sector and creation of transport market and preparation of Polish transport sector to the accession to the EU. In 1993-95 Jan Burnewicz was heading a team preparing “Transport policy directions and action programme for transformation of transport sector to market economy and cooperation with the European Union” – a key policy document adopted by the Polish government on June, 25 1995 – a plan for transformation of Polish transport system. After the accession to the European Union, Chair is still active in its advisory role for policy makers. Its members (Professor Jan Burnewicz as a head of transport thematic group and professor Monika Bak as deputy) were involved in National Foresight Programme “Poland 2020” in years 2007-08.

The Chair is also deeply involved in academic education offering courses on all three levels of studies. The list of lectures is not only transport oriented but represents broader spectrum of business problems which represent research interests of the team members:

  • Methodology of Economic Research (Jan Burnewicz, doctoral level),
  • Bussiness Planning Techniques (Monika Bšk, Barbara Pawłowska, Przemysław Borkowski),
  • European Union Transport Sector (Jan Burnewicz),
  • Tourism (Monika Bšk),
  • Risk Management (Przemysław Borkowski),
  • Innovations in Transport (Jan Burnewicz),
  • Economy and Environment (Barbara Pawłowska),
  • Competition in Transport Sector (Aleksandra KoŸlak),
  • Financing Transport (Elżbieta Adamowicz),
  • Management of Company Finance (Elżbieta Adamowicz),
  • Assessment of Economic Projects (Elżbieta Adamowicz, Przemysław Borkowski),
  • Financial Analysis (Elżbieta Adamowicz),
  • IT Tools in Economic Analysis (Monika Bšk, Barbara Pawłowska, Przemysław Borkowski, Elżbieta Adamowicz).