Didactic activity

We invite you to attend our classes. Some of them are conducted as part of mandatory courses (e.g., marketing), while others are offered as part of specialization subjects. Additionally, we provide a range of elective courses (PDWs) in both Polish and English, as well as undergraduate, master's, and doctoral seminars.

The employees of the Department of Transport Market teach classes in the field of Economics at the undergraduate level:

  • Marketing
  • Rynki transportowe

On the Economics at the II graduate level, for the Logistics specialization:

  • Badania i analiza rynku na potrzeby logistyki
  • Podstawy prowadzenia biznesu
  • Analiza rynku transportowego
  • Konkurencja i przemiany na rynku transportowym
  • Preferencje i zachowania transportowe
  • Zarządzanie logistyczno-marketingowe
  • Instrumenty marketingowe w logistyce
  • Ubezpieczenia w logistyce
  • Zrównoważona mobilność

On the Economics at the II graduate level, for the Offshore Maritime Sectors specialization:

  • Rynek offshore w Polsce

On the Logistics and Mobility major (English-language studies) at the II graduate level:

  • Sustainable Mobility Management
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning
  • Market Research and Analysis for Logistics and Mobility

On the International Business major:

  • Marketing Information Sources

As part of the collaboration within the SEA-EU program (European University of the Seas):

  • Sustainable City

As part of the cooperation with partners within the Erasmus+ program:

  • Air transport market in Poland

Moreover, the staff members offer their lectures to choose from in both Polish and English. These lectures are based on the lecturer's expertise and are conducted in collaboration with external entities.

  • Marketing sportowy
  • Ubezpieczenia gospodarcze
  • Transport lotniczy
  • Transport kolejowy
  • Zachowania nabywców
  • Sustainable cities
  • Passenger transport
  • Mobility Challenges in Urban Logistics

We invite you to attend the seminars conducted by the employees of the Department:

  • Undergraduate seminars (prof. D. Tłoczyński, dr A. Jagiełło, Prof. M. Wołek, prof. K. Hebel, prof. K. Grzelec)
  • Master's seminars (prof. D. Tłoczyński, Prof. M. Wołek, prof. K. Hebel, prof. K. Grzelec)
  • Doctoral seminars