COMPASS project launched


COMPASS Project (optimised CO-Modal PASSenger transport for reducing Carbon emissions) has started in November 2011.

The 25 months project, coordinated by Edinburgh Napier University, is deeply rooted in the European Transport Policy (ETP) in the first decade of the 21st Century, with a look towards the new challenges of the incoming second decade of the century. In particular, three topics must be addressed: challenges from the key socio-economic trends, challenges from environmental concerns, challenges from technological changes. The project involves 9 partners: Transport Research Institute (TRI), Edinburgh Napier University, Project Coordinator, Istituto di Studi per l'Integrazione dei Sistemi (ISIS), Institute for Transport Studies,

University of Leeds; Mcrit S.L.; MKmetric Gesellschaft für Systemplanung mbH; TRT Trasporti e Territorio; TTS Italia; Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien); Uniwersytet Gdanski.

The general objectives of COMPASS are: To provide an overall picture of the future travellers needs in the light of the key socio-economic trends; To analyse how ICT and ITS applications can meet the new demand, favouring the integration of multi-modal transport solutions; To assess how these solutions can contribute to the de-carbonisation of transport activities. In such a framework, the following collateral and important objectives will also be addressed: The potential of the ICT and ITS applications to provide behavioural data and information to improve travel surveys and to foster harmonisation; The validation of the ICT solutions with stakeholders rooted in the national contexts.


This work is co-financed by funds for science in Poland for the years 2012-2013 allocated for co-financed international projects


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