Open Economic Lectures

Posted on 2023-03-06

On 07.03. 2023, we invite you to an open lecture by phd Monika Grottel “How to greet the Emperor of Japan? The influence of cultural differences on relationships building in international business”

Knowledge of customs, traditions, ways of communication and actions of contractor from abroad are a guarantee of fruitful cooperation in international business. Cultural differences are a key elements of the strategy of enterprises operating on the international market. What are the origins of cultural differences in business and do they mean in the globally?
How to learn about the culture of the country which we want to establish business relationships, what are the types of cultures and their characteristic features?

The series of meetings with economics is intended to deepen knowledge in the field of economics and various problems that are described and solved in the framework of economic sciences.

Open Economic Lectures can be a source of inspiration in searching for your career path, based on reliable knowledge about the world around us and the socio-economic system in which we live.

Lectures will focus on macro- and microeconomic issues, economic policy, financial markets, corporate finance, entrepreneurship and management, as well as general socio-economic problems of the contemporary world.

Open Economic Lectures are conducted by experienced academic lecturers who often combine their scientific and didactic work at the Faculty of Economics with economic practice and involvement in various organizations, institutions and events related to the promotion of economic knowledge, including thematic olympics.

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