Doctoral procedure

Simplified framework procedure for the award of doctoral degree


1.When the doctoral candidate and supervisor(s) decide, that it is the appropriate time to begin the procedure of submitting their dissertation, the doctoral candidate is to submit an application to the Science Council Office, Room no. 132 (please see the form)


2.When the dissertation is finished, candidate needs to deliver:


a signed application form, along with the agreement with the University of Gdansk for the award of doctoral degree. The students of “Post-diploma Doctoral Studies in Economics” are exempted from payment for this procedure if the period of five years has not elapsed since the beginning of their studies (please see the form);


• the dissertation in six copies (i.e., seven copies if there was an assistant supervisor assigned), with an abstract in English and Polish, and keywords in both languages. Please use double-sided printing;


• at least one scientific article or one scientific monograph, or a chapter in the monograph. In the case of multi-author publications—a statement specifying the individual contribution of the applicant for a doctoral degree as a separate statement for the publication (please see the form); and


• electronic versions of the dissertation in Word (i.e., .doc or .docx) and pdf format.


3.The dissertation is to be sent to three reviewers (Science Council Secretariat does this). Doctoral candidate should prepare for doctoral exam.


4.If the submitted reviews are positive, dates for the exams are appointed.


5.Doctoral candidate takes the exams (i.e., if he or she fails one, a science council may allow for retake, but not earlier than three months from the first one and no more than once).


6.A deadline and doctoral commission for the public defence is set, doctoral candidate needs to submit (i.e., no later than 14 days before the date of public defence) a summary of their scientific accomplishments (i.e., please discuss this document with your supervisor) to the secretariat.


7.Public defence takes place. The committee accepts the public defence or adopts a resolution refusing to accept it.


8.Within a maximum of 60 days from the day of the defence, the discipline’s science council will issue a decision in the form of a resolution conferring the doctoral degree.


9.In the end a doctoral diploma is issued both in English and Polish version. The total fee for both documents is: 140 PLN.


Template for a doctoral thesis.


Framework procedure for the award of doctoral degree (extended version)