International Transport and Maritime Trade

The International Transport and Maritime Trade specialization description.


The International Transport and Maritime Trade specialization in International Economic Relations is conducted by a team of employees of the Institute of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade, and in particular by the researchers from the Department of Seaborne Trade.


The International Transport and Maritime Trade specialization is for students who want to broaden their knowledge gained in International Economic Relations in the area of the international, especially maritime business.


Maritime transport, both intercontinental, as well as the regional or local one, and in particular in the Baltic Sea Region, develops dynamically. International maritime trade accounts for about 75% of world trade. It needs specialists who, apart from the standard knowledge necessary in foreign trade, know the technical, organizational and legal issues connected to the maritime trade.


The demand for such specialists in Poland will grow as the Polish economy ties with the global economy, develops the investment activity of maritime economy enterprises, implements the coastal regions development strategy and the progress of integration with the European Union. EU aims to shift as much as possible from land road to sea routes (sea transport covers 90% of the external trade of the EU and over 40% of trade between Member States).


The profile of education is so wide that our graduates can quickly and efficiently adapt to the diverse requirements of modern employers. This is confirmed by the professional careers of our graduates, who can be found both in seaports, as well as shipping, forwarding, logistics, brokerage, insurance and other companies connected to sea trade (many of them hold manager positions), as well as in trade departments and logistic companies exporting and importing goods by sea.


Why it is worth to choose the International Transport and Maritime Trade specialization?


• an interesting study program with the possibility to combine the manager’s knowledge with the ability to solve practical problems,


• rich offer of practical subjects, highly useful in professional work,


• professional and friendly lecturers,


• modern forms of conducting classes,


• support with the organization of student internships in maritime industry enterprises (and not only),


• guest lectures conducted by representatives of business practice,


• possibility to study abroad,


• chance for attractive employment in Poland and abroad (there are not enough economists with a maritime profile of education in the EU countries).


Students who choose the International Transport and Maritime Trade specialization have a chance for interesting studies and work. Currently implemented in our region and planned in the future numerous investments related to maritime economy and the EU's efforts to increase the role of maritime transport in intra-EU trade allow to think that there will be more and more jobs in this industry.