Open seminars


  • The seminar is open to the public. Admission to the seminar is free.
  • The seminar is conducted in the formula of an open scientific discussion on the issues we are working on at the Faculty and on the scientific issues of research conducted by invited guests.
  • Seminars are held in Polish or English (in the case of foreign guests).
  • We invite you to actively participate, i.e. submit the text of the prepared paper / article and submit it for scientific discussion.
  • We propose papers at subsequent meetings or to the coordinating OSW, Associate Professor Tomasz Brodzicki (e-mail: or Vice Dean for Science, Associate Prof. Przemysław Borkowski (e-mail: ).
  • The seminar formula provides for the presentation of the paper by the author / authors (approx. 30-40 min) and the presentation of the collectorate by the invited guest (approx. 10-15 min) followed by an open discussion (approx. 45 min).
  • We initially adopted the meeting schedule on Thursdays. There may be exceptions to the above rule, e.g. related to Visiting Professors presentations at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdansk.
  • The meeting schedule with additional materials is in the "Schedule" section.