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Department of Logistics
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Statutory scope of research activities of the Department of Logistics includes the following problems: identification, modelling, design, rationalisation and reengineering of the logistics support systems of business and non-business organisations, the research of relational, synergetic and integration aspects of logistics support of every goal-oriented activities, the research of influence and determining the methods, techniques and tools for raising efficiency and effectiveness of systems functioning by rationalisation of  logistics support, logistics services market research and formulating the competition rules of logistics companies, defining the role and ways of influence of logistics support on the processes of economic integration and globalization, identifying ways, methods and tools of organisation and rationalisation of supply chains, channels and logistics centres, design of the logistics management information and controlling techniques for managing logistics processes, the development of methods and techniques of cost accounting and the effects of logistics support, shaping the logistics customer service.

Main scientific achievements

The staff of the Department of Logistics participated in the implementation of the following research projects of the European Union: TEMPUS, PHARE, INTERREG II, NELOC. Noteworthy is a long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and previously with the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy in the scope of adapting transport companies to the EU requirements, adjusting road and rail transport to the conditions of full opening of the domestic transportation market, transformation of transport companies  in terms of their adaptation to the new economic role and economic and financial conditions. Besides, the staff of the Department of Logistics was involved in research activities, expert opinions and logistics support projects for companies and municipalities, created controlling management concepts and performed implementation projects in the field of management accounting systems.

Relationships with business practice

Cooperation with business practice includes, among others, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Union of Road Carriers. The staff of the Department of Logistics is also engaged in advisory activities for companies of all sizes and various industries in the development of logistics support, and market, financial and organisational restructuring.

Foreign partners

The staff of the Department of Logistics cooperates with the following foreign research centres, institutions and organisations: Austrian Scientific Society of Transport Carriers, German Society of Transport Carriers, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik, Vildau, Europa-Universitat Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder).