About the Institute

Institute of International Business

ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121
81-824 Sopot

tel.   58 523 13 84
fax. 58 523 13 84


The Institute of International Business was established in 1970 as a research and education unit of the former Faculty of Economics of Transportation - now the Faculty of Economics.

Heads of the Institute:

Professor Stanisław Ładyka (1970-1973)
Professor Zygmunt Dmowski (1973-1978)
Professor Tadeusz Szczepaniak (1978-1993)
Professor Danuta Marciniak-Neider (1993-1999)
Professor Janusz Neider (1999-2002)
Professor Danuta Marciniak-Neider (2002-2008)
Professor Bohdan Jeliński (2008-2016 )
Professor Ewa Oziewicz (2016- ) 

The Institute offers the following degree programs:

  • International Business,
  • International Finance and Banking,
  • International Trade,
  • International Marketing,
  • International Economic Relations.

The research and teaching is conducted by the following chairs of the Institute:

  • Chair of Economics and Organisation of International Trade,
  • Chair of Marketing,
  • Chair of International Economic Relations,
  • Chair of International Financial Markets,
  • Chair of International Transport and Forwarding,


The Institute values close and direct contacts with entrepreneurs and international institutions related to international markets, which allows combining theory with market practice. This approach is a crucial element of students’ education. Another equally important component in the research and didactic process is Institute’s worldwide cooperation with teaching institutions. Thanks to this partnership, a vast number of students is given a chance to study abroad, either by participating in the ERASMUS program or due to bilateral agreements with foreign education and research facilities all over the world. The staff has an opportunity to develop and master their teaching skills by taking part in various workshops and exchange programs with foreign universities.

One of the numerous effects of the international cooperation was the establishment of the interdisciplinary MBA program together with the Copenhagen Business School, University of Antwerp and the FHTW Berlin. The Institute also offers the postgraduate International Trade Program and a postgraduate International Marketing Program for master programme graduates interested in deepening their knowledge in international trade and marketing.

The Institute of International Business is constantly diversifying its complex education offer. Its students have an opportunity to work in one of the fully equipped computer studios:

  • Dealing Room, established in 2003 as the first university dealing room in Poland,
  • Thomson Reuters Data Suite (TRDS) established in 2008 as the first such a project not only in Poland, but also in the East – Central Europe.