About Division

Division of International Financial Markets

ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121
81-824 Sopot

tel.   058 523 13 84
fax.  058 523 13 84



The Division of International Financial Markets is involved in scientific research and teaching in the areas of: finance, international finance, international financial markets, banking, monetary policy, currency risk management. The subjects of special interest are world stock exchanges and derivatives exchanges issues as well as international settlements and trade finance.

The Division offers courses in Economics and International Economic Relations.

The Division takes care of International Finance and Banking specialization, which is very popular among students of the Faculty of Economics.

The Division is an initiator of the first in Poland academic dealing room project. The team of the Division has created, in cooperation with Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters), at the Faculty of Economics, a unique computer lab Refinitiv Eikon Lab (REL). Since academic year 2008/2009 members of the team have been teaching students in the REL.

The Division develops and maintains contacts with many Polish and foreign universities, banks, companies, financial institutions.