The report on the extraordinary celebration!

Posted on 2023-11-24

An extraordinary celebration is behind us!

On November 17, 2023, the Diploma Award Gala took place for Graduates of Master's Studies of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk in 2022/2023.

Graduates of the following fields and specializations received master's degree diplomas:

Field of study: Ecological business and technology (interdisciplinary studies conducted with the Faculty of Chemistry)

Field of study: Telemedicine and health care projects. Health care technology (interdisciplinary studies conducted with the Faculty of Law and Administration)

Field of study: Economics:

  • economic diagnosis and operation of enterprises
  • e-commerce
  • transport economics and logistics
  • innovation in the economy
  • economic policy and entrepreneurship strategy

Field of study: International economic relations

  • international finance and banking
  • foreign trade
  • international business (specialisation in English)
  • international managerial economics
  • international marketing strategies
  • international maritime transport and trade
  • international business (specialisation in Polish, extramural studies)

After listening to the Polish National Anthem and the academic song Gaudeamus Igitur, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Monika Bąk welcomed the guests invited to the ceremony: Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, a team of deans, supervisors, graduates and their parents and relatives as well as representatives of the business environment.
We were accompanied at the ceremony by representatives of financial, consulting and logistics institutions and enterprises, as well as entities such as: EU Consult, Flex Poland, ING Bank, LSEG, Uni-Logistics, Univentum Labs, Vetro.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Monika Bąk, in her speech, referred to the subjectivity of the world explained by many sciences, including STEM sciences, psychology, philosophy, sociology and even quantum physics, recalling the metaphor of Schrödinger's cat and pointing to the importance of observations, the power of human perception and the power of consciousness. The second important factor that Dean drew attention to was human individualism, his various needs, desires, ambitions and predispositions.

The Dean addressed the graduates:

It is important that you find a place in life that is right for you, so that you can fully use your individual potential and a place that best suits your desires and predispositions. During your studies, you learned to search for information, analyze and look critically at the world, but also to understand and appreciate your uniqueness. I wish you to have the courage to follow your own path, think broadly and creatively, and at the same time be open to new challenges and opportunities.

We live in the times of 3L, i.e. life-long learning. In this context, remember that the doors of our faculty, as well as our wonderful university, are always open to you, whether as part of the doctoral school, postgraduate studies, courses, or in another role, as economic practitioners who support our educational processes. We will also always remember you.

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, on behalf of the university authorities, welcomed the Dean, Vice-Deans, professors, graduates, their parents and friends and the entire university community.

In her speech addressed to the graduates, the Vice-Rector said:

The motto of the University of Gdańsk is “in mari via tua”, which means our way is in the sea. Dear graduates, you are graduating from university and we see you as sailors who leave the port, which is a safe environment, and set off into unknown waters. It is important how you remember your Alma Mater, the University of Gdańsk, what emotions accompany you when saying goodbye, and what powers you acquired while studying at the university that will help you in your adult life, in sailing under your own sails. On your sea journey there will be storms, big waves, flats, and lonely islands, but remember that this is your safe port. Each of the professors and academic teachers is a kind of beacon for you, spreading light and showing the way, here are the anchors that create a certain canon of academic values, European values that we create and for which we care and fight. (…) The university is also constantly developing, strengthening and building its identity. In response to difficult external conditions, we are very determined to implement the idea of scientific development, the idea of an open, socially and ecologically sensitive university.

I would like to wish you to take care of your superpowers, which you certainly have, to believe in your causative power, to be socially sensitive, not to turn your eyes away when someone gets hurt, and above all, to build your own well-being. Don't give yourself permission to be lazy, aim high and remember that no one will believe in you as much as you do. We will help you with this on your way to becoming an informed citizen of Europe and the world, as well as a person adhering to democratic values.

I wish you to live in a safe and good world. Come back to us from time to time from this long journey to tell us how well you are doing.

Vice-Rector, Prof. Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, and the Dean, Prof. Monika Bąk, presented awards to graduates who obtained positions in their fields of study and distinctions in individual specializations.

Congratulations letters and gifts in connection with obtaining positions and the best averages in specializations were awarded to:

Wiktoria DOŁĘGA, MA, study field: Business and ecological technology, 1st place, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisors: Prof. Jacek Zaucha, Dr Eng. Aleksandra Pieczyńska

Magdalena KALINOWSKA, MA, study field: Business and ecological technology, 2nd place, full-time second-cycle studies, supervisors: Dr Andrzej Poszewiecki, Dr Eng. Joanna Nadolna

Dariusz PIOTROWSKI, MA, study field: Business and ecological technology, 3rd place, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisors: Prof. Jacek Zaucha, Dr Eng. Aleksandra Pieczyńska

Zuzanna LICHNEROWICZ, MA, study field: Telemedicine and projects in health care. Health care technology, 1st place, part-time second cycle studies, supervisor: Prof. Beata Majecka

Maciej SAWKO, MA, study field: Economics, 1st place and the best in the specialization of transport economics and logistics, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Dr Leszek Reszka

Urszula BAŁDYGA, MA, Economics, 2nd place, full-time second cycle studies, supervisor: Dr Leszek Reszka

Justyna SAKOWSKA, MA, Economics, 3rd place, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Dr Leszek Reszka

Marcelina ŚLĄZAK, MA, study field in Economics, best in the specialization: Economic diagnosis and operation of enterprises, full-time second-cycle studies, supervisor: Dr Joanna Hartenberger-Liszek

Agnieszka NAWROCKA, MA, Economics, best in the Innovation in Economy specialization, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Prof. Joanna Kuczewska

Michał RODA, MA, study field: International Economic Relations, 1st place and best in the specialization: International Marketing Strategies, full-time second-cycle studies, supervisor: Dr Tomasz Czuba

Magdalena PRZYSTRRZELSKA, MA, study field: International economic relations, 2nd place and the best in the specialization: international transport and maritime trade, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Dr Tomasz Nowosielski

Katarina JATI, MA, study field: International Economic Relations, 3rd place and best in the international business specialization, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Prof. Krystyna Żołądkiewicz

Ewa SOŁOWICZ, MA, study field: International economic relations, 3rd place and the best in the international business specialization, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Prof. Krystyna Żołądkiewicz

Karol SKRZESZEWSKI, MA, study field: International Economic Relations, 3rd place and the best in the foreign trade specialization, second-cycle full-time studies, supervisor: Prof. Sylwia Pangsy-Kania

Prizes and gifts on the occasion of achieving high academic results were prepared for graduates by representatives of the following enterprises and institutions:

EU Consult – Mr Krzysztof Gutta,

Flex Poland – Ms Aneta Czoske and Ms Agata Włodarczyk,

ING Bank – Mr Andrzej Ostrowski and Ms Agnieszka Strąk - Sowińska,

LSEG – Mr Michał Rudnicki,

Uni-Logistics – Ms Agnieszka Meler,

Univentum Labs –  Prof. Wojciech Bizon,

Vetro – Mr Jacek Tymiński.

Thank you very much for this!

Graduates of master's studies also received letters of congratulations and gifts for outstanding social activities for the academic community and sports achievements.

Urszula Bałdyga, MA, Wiktoria Pawlos, MA and Maciej Sawko, MA representing the Scientific Circle of Logistics received gifts funded by Uni-logistics S.A.

Agnieszka Baran, MA, and Karolina Dawidowska, MA, representing the HaZet Science Club, Magdalena Gackowska, MA, and Alicja Szymańska, MA, representing the Student Business Club, and Magdalena Przystrzelska, MA, representing the Maritime Science Club, received awards funded by LSEG.

For their sporting achievements, they were awarded congratulations letters and gifts from the Faculty of Economics: Jakub Stremlau, MA, who won 1st place in the team classification of universities and 3rd place in the team classification during the Polish Academic Sailing Championships, and Izabela Świerżewska, MA, who won 1st place in the team classification overall and 1st place in the team classification of universities during the Polish Academic Handball Championships. Graduates who received distinctions for their social and sports activities were also honoured with gifts donated by Flex Poland.

After presenting the deposits, prizes and distinctions, the Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation with the Socio-Economic Environment, Dr Magdalena Markiewicz, spoke and asked Mr Andrzej Ostrowski, Regional Director of ING, to speak on behalf of the employers' representatives.

Mr Andrzej Ostrowski, Regional Director of ING, said that this is a symbolic and breakthrough moment when graduates say goodbye to the university authorities and are welcomed by employers.

I congratulate you, graduates, for having completed 5 years of studies and today you are celebrating obtaining a master's degree, which is not so easy in today's era of changing trends, thoughts and ideas about how to educate. Some people advise to go directly to work and not finish their studies, because knowledge can be acquired while working. However, from the perspective of the experience of the organization I represent, I see how important it is to complete studies and acquire knowledge resulting from a full cycle of studies, i.e. complete the second cycle of studies. This means that you have spent much longer learning how to learn and have the benefit of having more training in this area. This is important because life-long learning as a 3L will stay with you and you will continue to learn new things at work, in a business environment, no matter what path you choose.

As a representative of the financial sector, I would like to refer to the psychology of markets, the concept of consciousness and unconsciousness according to Gustav Jung, in the context of thoughts that create reality. The world is what we imagine it to be. Therefore, I will encourage you to think positively about the world around us, that you can achieve a lot, and that each of you, graduates, has your own talents. We learn about our talents as students, while at university, but also later, in action. I also encourage you to experiment. You still have few obligations and many opportunities. Therefore, you can do anything in life: start a company, go to work in a corporation, in a medium, small or large company, this is a stage in life where you can look for your path, perhaps find your talents or solutions, which we will talk about today. you don't know. Universities prepare students for life in a world that does not exist yet. And it is you who will create this future, create this world and combine all the elements you have learned.

To prepare you in some way for the path that lies ahead of you, I would also like to talk about 4K, i.e. four competencies, to confirm that you are prepared to achieve success in the world that exists and in which you will participate and create your business stories. After all, we are at a faculty that focuses on this particular economic and business area. There are many concepts relating to what competencies will be needed in the future. 4K is creative thinking, as combining and finding new solutions, critical thinking, as analyzing and estimating risk in order to balance the solutions found, cooperation, i.e. the ability to cooperate in different environments and in many different ways, as well as communication. You could have developed all these competencies here at the university, you are well prepared and you will certainly be able to use them. I wish you the fulfilment of all your intentions and, to paraphrase the references to the sea, joint meetings and reaching many interesting ports after sailing from the University of Gdańsk.

The Vice-Dean, dr Magdalena Markiewicz then asked people representing the fields of Economics and International Economic Relations to speak on behalf of the Polish-speaking and English-speaking graduates.

Ms Katarina Jati, MA (study field: international economic relations, specialization: international business):

Thank you for the opportunity I never even dreamed of in my life. We managed to complete the challenge. What we have achieved today has not been an easy journey. We may recall the laughter, tears, disappointments, anger and failures we have encountered. However, with the support of our families, friends and many others, it was possible. So here we are, this is the day we have been waiting for and we have successfully taken a big step in our lives.

We are opening a new chapter. Being a graduate is another challenge. But we do not stop developing after receiving our diploma, we have many opportunities to continue and further learning. There are many problems around us - all kinds of changes taking place in this world, including global warming, cybercrime and wars that our brothers and sisters in many countries are currently facing. We should not leave them alone, whatever the reason, genocide is extremely inhumane.

I believe that when we meet in the future, we will say that we have contributed something good to the world. I wish us success - all the best!

Ms Ewa Sołowicz, MA (study field: international economic relations, specialization: international business):

Looking at all of us today, I can point out many differences between us. Some of us could quote from memory the beta coefficient of any listed company to the nearest thousandth, others would take no more than three seconds to draw the Heckscher-Ohlin model, and still, others would be able to recite from memory the most important provisions of virtually any international agreement.

In fact, neither these nor other differences matter, and what unites us today is that we can celebrate together the completion of another stage of education. We take away knowledge from here, but also some of the most important memories in our lives. Personally, I will remember this university primarily as a safe place. Free from prejudice and discrimination, regardless of the nature of our differences. We were neither defined by our origins, nor by living with a disability, nor by any element of our identity. We learned a lot here, although one of the most valuable lessons, learned not so much from lectures but from being together, is that diversity does not have to divide us, and everything that constitutes it only multiplies the capital that is cultural and social pluralism.

We graduated from a truly inclusive university, which not only equipped us with academic knowledge but also strengthened our sense of equality. From this place, I would like to wish all of us that this feeling will never cease to accompany us. May we always remember the superior values cultivated here, which are respect for human dignity, acceptance, and the guarantee of equal opportunities, and also - let us continue the tradition of high personal culture, and, when participating in public debate, remember that no minority is a nameless collective entity. These are our colleagues, students and co-workers, people with whom and from whom we learned.

Ms Alicja Szymańska, MA (study field: economics, specialization: e-commerce):

Today, we stand together at this gala with pride and joy, as graduates of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk. It is a time for us not only to reflect on the past years of learning but also to celebrate the achievements, challenges and friendships we have experienced together.

When recalling our journey through university, we cannot ignore the unique challenges that the pandemic era brought us. Studying in the times of COVID-19 required flexibility, determination and the ability to adapt to the new reality of the university authorities and us. Our community has shown strength in unity, helping each other overcome the difficulties of hybrid learning. Let us remember that education is not only about acquiring knowledge but also about the ability to apply it in practice. Therefore, let this gala be not only the end of a certain stage but also the beginning of our active role in society.

We would like to thank the lecturers for the wisdom they gave us, which shaped us not only as professionals but also as people. I am sure that we will think back to our student days with sentiment. I wish all of us constant enthusiasm for self-improvement and success in both professional and personal life. Big applause for us!ci

The most exciting point of the meeting was the presentation of graduation diplomas to all graduates of individual fields and specializations.

The graduates and the Promoters of individual seminars were invited by Vice-Dean for quality education and students, Dr Tomasz Gutowski (study fields: business and ecological technology, telemedicine and health care projects, economics) and Vice-Dean for science and internationalization, Prof. Przemysław Borkowski (study fields: international business, international economic relations).

The graduates received diplomas and congratulations from the Dean, Prof. Monika Bąk, in the presence of its Promoters.

After presenting all the diplomas and congratulations, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics thanked all guests for coming to the 2023 Graduation Ceremony, and then asked them to stand up and listen to the European Union Anthem.

The meeting ended traditionally with a session of commemorative photos of graduates of all fields and specializations, conversations and memories of the years spent at the university.

Congratulations once again to the graduates
of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk
completing studies at our Faculty!
We wish you much success in your professional and personal life!

We invite you to watch the photos and video from this unforgettable celebration, as well as reports on the Faculty Instagram!

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Video from the Alumni Gala on November 17, 2023


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