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Faculty of Economics is a center with full academic rights,

having the right to award Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral, postdoctoral degrees (habilitation) and conducting professors procedures. Applicants wishing to obtain higher education, are able to obtain a broad and thorough knowledge in two fields: “Economics” and “International Economic Relations” (studies in Polish), English-language fields “International business” and “Logistics and Mobility”), as well as interdisciplinary fields: “Chemical Business”, “Business and Ecological Technology”, “Telemedicine and Healthcare Projects. Health Care Technology”.



At the second year of study students choose a profile of education in the chosen specialty of study providing qualifications demanded by the modern labor market.


Knowledge and skills gained during the studies allow accurately formulate research questions, solve economic problems, make effective decisions and facilitate the understanding of economic processes in Poland and abroad. Studies provide professional preparation for action on international and domestic markets in a highly competitive environment.


More than 3100 students study at the Faculty of Economics: 2400 full-time students (in Polish and English), 600 part-time students, 125 students of postgraduate studies (in Polish and English) and 30 students in doctoral schools and postgraduate studies preparing for a doctoral degree.

Bachelor, Master, postgraduate and doctoral programs are conducted in Polish and English.






The advantage of the Faculty of Economics is internationalization and cooperation with business ...

a wide range of classes in foreign languages and the English-language specialization of International Business.
Students can benefit from study trips abroad under the ERASMUS+ program, and bilateral agreements are signed with over 70 universities and colleges. They also have the opportunity to take part in a student exchange with the China, the USA, Japan, Korea and Ukraine.
Thanks to ERASMUS+ Partnership, they can turn their knowledge into practice abroad.

Students can use the rich book collections of the Main Library on the campus of the University of Gdańsk and the Economic Library located in front of the faculty building, have access to electronic databases of international and national scientific journals in many fields.

The studies are carried out in cooperation with business practitioners and organizations, with national and foreign research institutes, science and technology parks and business incubators. Students benefit from training cycles, workshops with managers, apprenticeships, internships and study visits.


Modern infrastructure


At the Faculty of Economics, there is a computer lab, LSEG Eikon Lab, which provides access to the world's leading financial database, specialized logistics laboratory (Oracle, Aris) and a computer and examination center accredited by ACCA.

Students of the Faculty of Economics have also at their disposal 8 computer labs, open computer workstations with free Internet access and WIFI access at the Faculty.

All auditoriums and lecture rooms are equipped with multimedia equipment.




Classes are taught upon world standards, including: business, general and global economy, economic quantitative methods (mathematics, mathematical economics, computer science, statistics, econometrics, accounting), international settlements, organization and management, learning business, politics, civil law, commercial law and a number of courses individually tailored to the specialization.


Specialized research and teaching staff at the Department of International Business, Department of International Economics and Economic Development, Department of Transport Economics, Department of  Economics and Management of Transport Companies, Department of Logistics, Department of Macroeconomics, Department of Microeconomics, Department of Economic Policy, Department of Transport Policy and Economic Integration, Department of Transport Market, Department of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade, Department of Sustainable Market Processes.

Students are active in research clubs and student organizations. They can also publish scientific articles in the dedicated publication "Students' Studies of the Faculty of Economics".

Sopot has 3 dormitories for them, and a student buffet at the Faculty. Students can benefit from scientific, social and sports scholarships.
Another advantage of the Faculty of Economics is its attractive location and convenient communication.