Dorota Książkiewicz, Ph.D.

secretary's office phone:
Other duties:

Coordinator of Orange Academy of UniLogistics.
Tutoring Coordinator for the Facluty of Economics.
Member of organizational team of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WEEK at the University of Gdańsk. coordinator of the program "Workshops in economics for the secondary school in Sopot"

Certified Academic Tutor

Research interests

Assistant Professor at University of Gdańsk

  • over 20 years’ experience in professional academic research
  • over years of working experience in higher education sector
  • experience in development and management of successful Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  • networking and collaboration abilities through conference and workshop organization
  • moderation of academic and business debates
  • strong consulting experience both with academic and business organizations

Professional Affiliations

  • lecturer University of Gdańsk,
  • certificate in academic tutoring
  • co-editor, Univeristy of Gdańsk Research Journal: Transport Economics and Logistics
  • expert on business data security at European Financial Congress 2016 (Sopot, Poland)
  • moderator of the business and academic debate during TRANSPORT WEEK International Conference 2017 (University of Gdańsk, Poland)
  • moderator of BPO Conference discussion panels
  • moderator of business and academic debatess during TRANSOPOT Academic Conferences, University of Gdańsk, Poland
  • supervisor of the annual Students’ Environment Protection Conference, University of Gdańsk, Poland
  • Head of The Orange Academy of UniLogistics - educational programme for students
  • author and co-author of numerous scientific publications on transportation and logistics.