Anna Blajer-Gołębiewska, Habilitated doctor

Head of Department
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Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator, Tutor of Finance in companies specialization, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Programme Coordinator, Manager of postgraduate courses Diploma in Accounting and Business, Member of the Committee for Scientific Research Ethics at the Faculty of Economics


Information for students

’...information is acquired by being told, whereas knowledge can be acquired by thinking...’ 

Machlup, F., Semantic quirks in studies of information. In F. Machlup & U. Mansfield (Eds.), The study of information: Interdisciplinary messages, Wiley, New York 1983, p. 644.






MICROECONOMICS EXAM - information for students retaking the exam

How you should get prepared for the exam?

1. please visit Moodle:

2. sign in using login and password from the student portal

3. in the left panel, select ’search by teacher’ (or ’według nauczycieli’) and find my name. Below it, there will be the ’Microeconomics IB’ course

4. please click on the course, sign up for it with the password: ceteris_paribus

5. at the very bottom of the course page, there is the link to the exam

For now, after entering the exam, only some information is displayed, but on Monday at 9:00 am the exam will appear in the form of an online survey. During exam you should have a piece of paper and a pen, because you will have to calculate something.

In case of problems please send an email. 


Microeconomics IB
Ekonomia matematyczna
Game Theory
Financial Analysis
Podstawy wiedzy z zakresu finansów i rachunkowości
Computer Based Economics
Wycena przedsiębiorstw i zarządzanie ryzykiem
Seminarium magisterskie
Rozwój myśli ekonomicznej
Teoria gier w ekonomii SD