Obligatory trainings and registration

  • The following training courses are primarily for you:
    • HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAINING (HSE TRAINING) - obligatory, under pain of not attending the semester, for students of the 1st year is conducted on the Internet. The student is obliged to join the training and pass the test from 1 to 31 October. Online training is available on the UG Educational Portal. The positive test evaluation (at the end of the training) will result in the completion of the training provided that the Dean's declaration of self-completion of the training and test is submitted.

      There are two deadlines.

      Basic term (within one month of the end of the first term). In the case of failing the test at the basic time, the student has the right to re-attend the training and join the test at an individually scheduled time. The fee for re-participation in the training and passing the test is 100 PLN. The course is regulated by the Rectorial Order of the University of Gdańsk No. 99 / R / 17 of October 10, 2017 as amended.

      If you do not have access to HSE Training, please contact your Dean's office.

  • LIBRARY RECORDS - Library account for students of the 1st year is set up automatically (free of charge), with the exception of students admitted during additional recruitment who have to enroll in person (free of charge). Required documents are as follows: student ID card and ID card. The cost of an account prolongation for a new academic year is PLN 5, the payment can be made in any library upon presenting a valid student ID card.

  • REGISTRATION FOR LANGUAGE COURSES - once you have selected a foreign language on the STUDENT'S PORTAL, complete the online diagnostic test. Once you do this, you will be assigned to the appropriate group.

    Information about the date and the choice of the language course are in the STUDENT'S PORTAL. The selection of the course must be made immediately after receiving the admission decision.

  • REGISTRATION FOR SPORTS ACTIVITIES - in your STUDENT'S PORTAL, find out when your online registration is being conducted.

  • REGISTRATION FOR GENERALIZED LECTURES - in your STUDENT'S PORTAL, find out when your online registration is being conducted. Remember that if you sign up for such a lecture, it becomes automatically mandatory and you have to pass it.