Diploma rules at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk

General regulations

In the matter of submitting diploma theses and conducting diploma exams, the following are currently in force:

Regulations on proceedings for submitting diploma theses and conducting diploma exams

  1. Complete diploma thesis together with the completed and signed statements, that are an integral part of the thesis (according to the template, placed at the end of the thesis) - Attachment 1 and 3 to Ordinance of Rector (with completed dates, removed  unnecessary entry and signed name and surname on the document in the MS Word format) and a file with the description of the diploma thesis in XML format (prepared using the Student’s Portal) are sent by the student from his e-mail address in ug.edu.pl. domain (...@studms.ug.edu.pl) to the appropriate secretary's office (students documents sent from a different e-mail address will not be accepted).

    The list of e-mail addresses of secretariat employees can be found attached.

  2. The work is sent in edited format (rtf; doc; docx) and pdf. The maximum size of one file is 7 MB (file names should be named with student’s full name).

    The set of documents is considered to be sending 3 files:
    - thesis in an editable format (rtf; doc; docx)
    - thesis in pdf format
    - thesis description (XML)

  3. The secretariat employee checks and confirms the completeness and correctness of sent documents to the student by a feedback e-mail.
  4. The complete set of verified documents are sent electronically by the secretariat employee to the thesis supervisor.
  5. After carrying out the anti-plagiarism control of the thesis using the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System, the supervisor sends the thesis and a scan (or photo) of the signed similarity report by e-mail to the secretary's office, specifying the person of the reviewer appointed by the dean and the suggested date of passing the diploma exam.
  6. Sending a file containing the diploma thesis with statements is tantamount to approval of the thesis by the supervisor.
  7. Secretariat employee confirms with the dean's office (in case of master's thesis) and chairman of the examination board (in case of bachelor’s thesis) the diploma examination date proposed by the supervisor and informs the supervisor, appointed reviewer and student about it.
  8. An e-mail with the diploma thesis file is sent to a reviewer by the secretariat employee.
  9. Within 7 days after sending the complete set of documents to the reviewer, both the supervisor and the reviewer are required to send a scan (or photo) of the signed opinion to the relevant secretariat.
  10. The diploma exam at the Faculty of Economics is an oral exam conducted stationary in the faculty building.
  11. The thesis is accepted for defense after obtaining two positive reviews and an acceptable anti-plagiarism score. The diploma exam is held in front of a committee consisted of: a chairman, a reviewer and a supervisor. Student will have to answer three questions - from the field of study, from the speciality and from the thesis (in the case of the bachelor's exam, a short presentation may be required to accompany the question on student‘s thesis).
  12. The grade on the diploma consists of: the average of grades obtained during studies - 1/2 of the grade, grade for the diploma thesis (average of grades issued by the supervisor and reviewer) - 1/4 of the grade and the grade for the diploma examination- 1/4 of the grade.
  13. After the diploma examination the commission prepares and sends the signed report on the examination immediately to the dean's office.

Failure to submit the diploma thesis on time
If the diploma thesis is not submitted by the end of the basic examination session, i.e. 24.06.2024, a student shall be removed from the list, subject to § 39 para. 3 of the Study Regulations.

Administrative procedures connected with submitting the diploma thesis

The conditions of taking the diploma examination are as follows:
1. Obtaining all grades in the electronic index, including passing the diploma seminar.
2. Settlement with the University 7 days before the thesis defense:

Library- borrowed books should be returned and financial debts towards the library settled (e.g. for late return of books)
Student Dormitory Administration
or Student Dormitory Department*
- all financial debts should be settled (including fees for living in a dormitory)

*(refers only to the students living in the dormitory during study)

- all financial debts should be settled

- Students admitted and resumed SINCE the academic year 2019/2020 do not pay a fee for the diploma.

Copy  of the diploma in foreign language

- a scan or photo of the application for a copy of the diploma and a copy of the diploma supplement in translation into a foreign language should be sent to the dean's office (from the student’s email address in the ug.edu.pl domain)

If you send your application after the diploma exam you have to pay a fee as follows (to the student's individual bank account number):
- for an additional copy of the diploma – 20 PLN
- for an additional copy of the supplement – 20 PLN

Documents confirming the student's skills, qualifications and experience gained at the University or outside the University on the basis of a referral from the University of Gdańsk, which on student’s request may be included in the diploma supplement, should be sent 7 days before the thesis defense to the dean's office (from your email address in the ug.edu.pl domain).

The instructions of preparing diploma theses


 The instructions of preparing Bachelor’s diploma theses
The instructions of preparing  Master’s diploma theses