STUDENT HOSTELS in Poland usually come in 3 variations: with single, double and triple rooms. Close to the Faculty of Economics there are two students’ hostels, no 7 and no 8. Most rooms in student dormitories are double.

They often share a kitchen and a bathroom. Rooms are typically fully furnished (beds, tables and/or computer desks, chairs, cupboards and wardrobes), while kitchens usually offer an electric kettle, a cooker, a sink, some cupboards and a shared refrigerator. Usually you get bed linen and access to washing machines in a laundry. There is also Internet access, mostly including WIFI.

Prices range from 300 PLN (~70 EUR) to 800 PLN (~190 EUR) per month per person.

For Erasmus students there is no separate application for accommodation required - students only have to put a sign at the appropriate place in the application form. Information about assigned places will be given out about one month before the date of arrival. Please, note that not every Erasmus students could be provided with dormitory place.

For application procedure, accommodation and other "technical" issues please read the webpage of our university Student's Exchange Office at

A ROOM IN A FLAT or A STUDIO may be co-rented by other students what is a popular option.

Remember to check flat owner, other people living in that place, and make sure to check all the agreements before signing them and set clear rules with your landlord.