Victory in the Academic Citizens' Budget!

Posted on 2023-11-16

The results of the 2nd edition of the Academic Citizens' Budget of the University of Gdańsk turned out to be extraordinary for the Faculty of Economics!

The two winning projects from ACB received as many as 1,645 and 1,608 votes.

All this was possible thanks to great work, but above all, huge support and commitment of Students and Lecturers, especially the Faculty of Economics, but also all supporters and friends!

We would like to thank everyone who supported the "Co-Economy - co-working zone" and "Economic Park" projects! This is a joint success for all of us!A total of over 5.5 thousand people voted in this year's competition. employees, students and doctoral students of universities.

In the pool of student projects, the most votes, as many as 1,645, went to the project submitted by Maja Hrehorowicz, a student of the Faculty of Economics, entitled: "Co-Economy - co-working zone of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk."The task involves the creation of a friendly study and relaxation zone for students and employees of the Faculty of Economics in the connecting area between Aula A and B. The cost of its implementation is PLN 48,228.

Second place went to the project submitted by Zuzanna Zgubińska, also a student of the Faculty of Economics, entitled: "Eco-nomic Park". The idea is to create an external ecological space for calm and relaxation between classes. It will be established next to the building of the Faculty of Economics, on the side of Student Dormitory No. 7 and the Foreign Language Center.

The design team developing the concept of both projects consisted of: Maja Hrehorowicz, Zuzanna Zgubińska, Celine Haida, Olga Gulbas, Olaf Karkutt.

Here's what the authors of the projects say about them:

Zuzanna Zgubińska: “We are bursting with pride because we won the first two places in this year's edition of the Academic Citizens' Budget. This is a great success for our department, which would not be possible without the enormous support and commitment of the entire academic community.”

Maja Hrehorowicz: "I am very pleased to be part of such a fantastic initiative that has become our common dream. We have given it a shape that will soon become a reality. This is a project from us to you. The trust that all voters have placed in us is amazing and we are very grateful for it. Certainly, the first win in ABO is a huge step forward for the campus in Sopot, and I can only promise that we will meet soon in one of the newly created zones at WE. See you!"

Celine Heida: "Such projects actually enable students to shape the space that will make staying at the faculty more pleasant and allow for integration between students. It is thanks to such initiatives that initial dreams become real and students' ideas can be realized.''

Olaf Karkutt: 'From the very beginning, I believed in success and I knew that we had the potential for change that could prove important for our Faculty of Economics in Sopot. For us, our ambition from the very beginning was to win, to implement our plan for the future of the Faculty.

Olga Gulbas: 'We are very happy that a zone will be created in Sopot that will combine learning with entertainment. We want students to be able to spend pleasant time there and integrate. Time spent together gives you the opportunity to implement your ideas, it is the first step to change for the better.

Dr. Magdalena Markiewicz, vice-dean for development and cooperation with the socio-economic environment of the Faculty of Economics:

I am very happy that our students won!

Incredible mobilization, willingness to contribute to changes in the immediate environment, great diligence and enthusiasm contributed to such a high result. We worked on examining needs using the design thinking method, and common areas turned out to be important in many respects: as places for learning, working, relaxing and spending time together.

It is worth adding that students of the Faculty of Economics have in their study programs many subjects related to project management, teamwork, and strategy building, and these circumstances make it possible to implement real projects that they have an influence on in practice."


Authors thank on the Instagram profile of the Faculty of Economics: Faculty of Economics (@ekonomug)


Out of the 27 projects qualified for the voting stage in the second edition of the Academic Citizens' Budget of the University of Gdańsk (ABO UG), the academic community selected four.


Each of them will be completed by the end of 2024.Of the 18 employee projects, the proposal by Mrs. Aleksandra Hołomej from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Philology received the most votes, entitled: "Pocket for Humanity - revitalization of the patio in the building of the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of History" (403 votes from employees).


Second place in the employee projects category went to the proposal by Dr. Małgorzata Kinder from the Project Financial Services Department entitled: "U-type bicycle racks under the roof of the Rector's Office", for which 378 people voted.


Congratulations to everyone who took part in ABO for very professional preparation of projects, we know how long it takes to prepare and we really sincerely admire all of them!!!

Report from the ABO results announcement ceremony:

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