Bachelor Studies Full-time studies Economics: Economic Policy and Entrepreneurial Strategy (in Polish)

This offer is addressed to people who want to acquire an elementary knowledge of how to respond flexibly to the requirements of the modern labour market, thus increasing their chances to find satisfactory jobs.

The high dynamics of economic processes occurring in today's world and global development, as well as a high risk of serious economic crises make future paths of your career difficult to foresee. Are you able to predict what company you will work for in a few years' time? Or perhaps you will choose a career in public administration or local government?

The selection of subjects within this specialization is aimed at supplying students with the knowledge comprising practical skills and capabilities of accurate identification of current economic trends.

The analysis of economic policy – at international, national and local levels – and the lecture titled "Labour Market" will guarantee the understanding of economic issues. Lectures and classes in such subjects as e.g. financial analysis, financial management, investment decisions of enterprises, analysis of company's environment, strategic and international management will provide a knowledge highly valued everywhere.

The offer is enriched with other valued subjects: Polish tax system or human resourc