Bachelor Studies Full-time studies MSG: International Maritime Transport and Trade (in Polish)

This specialization is offered at the 2nd-degree studies. It lasts for two years and leads to a master's degree. The main issues studied here are related to international marketing strategies of Polish companies on the international market and those of global companies.

The main subjects are: The specialisation of International Maritime Transport and Trade is addressed to students who want to expand the knowledge they gained at the specialization of International Economic Relations with a knowledge of the issues of international business, maritime business in particular. International maritime trade needs specialists who will not only possess standard knowledge indispensable in foreign trade but also be knowledgeable about the technical, organisational and legal issues, specific to maritime trade.

That is why the 1st-degree studies offer – apart from such fields of study as organisation and techniques of foreign trade, international settlements or logistics – information on navigation and seaports, international freight forwarding, marine insurance, and marine environment protection.

The main fields of study of the 2nd-degree studies include maritime trade transactions, navigation and seaports, maritime law, multimodal transport, and unique IT solutions in maritime transportation and trade. The specialization of International Maritime Transport and Trade is the only of this kind in Poland.