Doctoral seminars


 Professor / supervisorDoctoral seminars research areas

Professor Ewa Oziewicz

Department of International Business

Division of International Economic Relations

Generally: economic problems concerning Asia and Asian
economies, especially Southeast and East Asia:
macroeconomic performance of developing economies in Asia
FDI inflows into Asian countries economic integration within Asian region impact of crisises on Asian economies
possibilities of creating a monetary union in Asia
2.Professor Anna Zielińska-Głębocka
Department of International Economics and Economic Development

International economics and international economic relationsCompetitiveness of Polish economy in the European Union Structural changes in industry and trade in Poland, the EU and world economy
Trade and monetary integration of the European UnionSingle European market
Economic and Monetary Union, European policies


 Dr hab. Monika Bąk

Associate Professor

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Head of English Language Post-Diploma Part-Time Doctoral Studies in Economics

Department of Transport Economics

Heterodox economic theories (out-of the main stream) in explaining contemporary socio-economic problems (new institutional economics, public choice economics, incl. rent seeking analysis and constitutional economics,  neoliberalism, economic order concepts)

Transport economics and integration of transport modes and processes

Interrelations between transport and tourism sectors

Energy sector developments in the context of economic, ecological and political interrelations

Economic development in the Central and Eastern European countries, including social and infrastructure effects of transformation


Dr hab. Joanna Bednarz

Associate Professor,

Head of the Department of International Business

Division of International Trade

Erasmus+ Coordinator

International competitiveness of companies, sectors and countries

Strategies of internationalisation of companies

International marketing

Brand management

Product management

National branding


Dr hab. Przemyslaw Borkowski

Associate Professor

Vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics

Department of Transport Economics

Risk assessment, measurement and management

Appraisal of investment projects in transport, infrastructure and energy sectors

Transport economics – interdependencies between transport systems, innovative developments in the sector

Economic assessment and measurement of infrastructure development.


Dr hab. Giuseppe T. Cirella

Department of Transport Economics



Human Geography (Economics)


Political Science

Development Studies

The Environment (Environment and Resource Management)

Social Economics

7.Dr hab. Teresa Kamińska
Associate Professor
Head of  the Department of Microeconomics
Efficiency of market agents’ as well as of market structures
including microeconomic governmental policy
Modeling of economic processes including mathematical models applying
Game theory and risk theory
Externalities and welfare economics
Competitiveness (in particular innovativeness) of enterprises in the knowledge based economics (information society)
8.Dr hab. Przemysław Kulawczuk
Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Macroeconomics
Regulation of economic activities
Promotion of Small and Medium - Sized Enterprises
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Development strategies of enterprises based on Intellectual Property
Economics of taxation, public economics, international tax harmonization and competition
International management on emerging markets
Behavioral and experimental economics
Capital investment promotion, regional and local development
Small business management
9.Dr hab. Cezary Mańkowski
Associate Professor
Department of Logistics
Logistics & Supply Chains
Warehouse Economics
Controlling, Reengineering
Synergetics, Econophysics

Dr hab. Anna Maria Nikodemska-Wołowik
Associate Professor

Department of Sustainable Market Processes

Consumer Behaviour (determinants and influences, shopping
habits, segmentation, contemporary tendencies, cross cultural approach)
Qualitative Marketing Research (interdisciplinary theoretical background, methods, techniques and application)
Corporate Identity As Competitive Advantage Factor (CI system,
attributes of CI, elements of CI as intangible assets)
The Meaning of Family Enterprises in Contemporary Economy
Intellectual Property Protection
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

dr hab. Barbara Pawłowska

Associate Professor 

Department of Transport Economics

Economic theory and sustainable development (sharing economy, circular economy as new business models),

Eco-innovations and Corporate Social Responsibility as tools of sustainable development;

Transport sector: transport economics  (interdependencies among transport, society and environment systems),  transport systems integration and assessment of policy measures towards transport sustainability, external costs of transport estimations, internalization of external costs in the transport sector, road transport safety strategy;

Energy sector: challenges of energy security in the EU, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, EU energy strategy and energy union;

Interrelations between transport and energy sectors; Economic assessment and measurement of infrastructure development;

Urban economics and Smart City concept.

12.Dr hab. Joanna Pietrzak
Associate Professor
Head of Marketing Department
International Marketing
Competitive Strategies in the Financial Sector
Private Banking & Wealth Management
Distribution and Promotion Policy in the Financial Sector
Brand Policy in Financial Services
Managing Customer Loyalty

Dr hab. Stanisław Umiński

Associate Professor

Research Centre on European Integration


Foreign direct investment (theoretical aspects, consequences, assesment of investment attractivenes)

European integration (theories, future of the EU, internal market)

Regional aspects of international trade and FDI

Regional economies and globalisation

14.Professor Jacek Zaucha
Associate Professor
Department of Macroeconomics
Spatial management and development, space in macroeconomic
Spatial development of the Baltic Sea Region
Socio-economic integration of the Baltic Sea Region
Spatial management of the sea space
Cohesion Policy of EU in particular European Territorial Co- operation
Territorial Cohesion of EU Local development
Macro-economic policies of Poland

Dr hab. Piotr Zientara

Associate Professor

Head of the Department of Sustainable Market Processes

Labour markets and industrial relations in Europe;
Corporate Social Responsibility and human resource management;
Hospitality and sustainable tourism.
16.Dr hab. Krystyna Żołądkiewicz
Associate Professor
Department of Sustainable Market Processes

Trade policy of WTO
Multilateralism and regionalism in world economy
Migration in world economy
Economy of Australia and New Zealand

 dr hab. Wojciech Bizon

Department of Macroeconomics

Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Gdansk

Knowledge-based economy

Economics education

Transfer of knowledge

Behavioural economics

Econolinguistics Language and decision-making


dr hab. Ernest Czermański

Head of the Department of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade

Transport economics: shipping, inland waterways, rail and intermodal transport.

Transport policy. Maritime economy. Shipbuilding and fleet investment. Off-shore energy and constructions. Sustainable transport development. Port economics and management. Infrastructure investment. Environmental aspects in maritime transport. Green shipping and Green ports concepts. Energy efficiency of transport means and port operations. Intermodal transport/combined transport development and economics. Intermodal/combined transport terminals efficiency and development. Container shipping development challenges.


dr hab. Leszek Czerwonka

Department of Microeconomics


Concentration in the context of social welfare

Business investment

Behavioral aspects of investment decision-making

Mathematical modeling of the profitability of mergers

Efficiency of firms’ activities in connection with financial management


 dr hab. Anna Golejewska

Department of International Economics and Economic Development

Regional economy

Regional competitiveness and innovativeness

Regional Innovation Systems

EU regional policy (EU Structural Funds)


dr hab. Marcin Wołek

Department of Transportation Market

Economic and environmental aspects of sustainable urban mobility planning

Sharing economy in transformation of transport markets

Strategies on European railway market

Intermodal cooperation and competition on passenger markets


dr hab. Iwona Sobol

Department of International Business

Head of the Division of International Financial Markets

Islamic banking and finance

Financial markets and international financial centres

International trade finance


dr hab. Michał Suchanek

Department of Economics and Management of Transport Companies

 Urban mobility and urban economics

Quality of life and health economics

Welfare economics

Irrationality of consumer behaviour

Operational research and operational management

Decision-making processes in companies

Corporate finance, Managerial accounting and controlling