Application procedure

These section provides guidelines on how to apply for admission to the English Language Part-time Post-diploma Doctoral Studies in Economics at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdansk.

The recruitment process consists of two stages
  • online registration - by e-mail
  • online consultations with the person conducting seminar.
Candidates are required to send the following documents
  • Application for admission to doctoral studies (form)
  • Thesis proposal that should include short literature review, aims, and methods of conducting research. 
  • In case of a candidate who graduated from master studies in Poland – a transcript of master studies graduation diploma
Additional documents required from the candidate who has completed higher studies abroad
  • the original of the diploma awarded abroad (in case of non-Polish citizens) legalized or with affixed apostille*,
  • a copy of secondary school certificate, maturity certificate or higher studies graduation diploma, on the basis of which the candidate was admitted to studies which were completed with a diploma issued and afforded abroad for the recognition of which he/she is applying.

* You may also send us a color scan of the documents by e-mail and supply us with the original if admitted to the studies.


The application form must be sent by registered post or by fax to

English Language Part-time Doctoral Studies in Economics
Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk
Ul. Armii Krajowej 119./121
81-824 Sopot, Poland
Fax: +48 58 5231110

or by e-mail (signed and color-scanned) to:

Recruitment Commission issues a decision based on point assessment system with regard to submitted documents and opinion produced by the person conducting PhD seminar.

Upon lodging the required documents, the candidate chooses a research tutor/ supervisor from the offer presented in the doctoral seminars (or on the basis of the application submitted and the research interests defined, the Recruitment Commission recommends a research tutor). As a consequence of consultations held by e-mail or face-to-face, the person conducting seminar issues an opinion on the candidate.

Before consulting supervisor please contact with the Coordinator of the
PHD Studies (

Time limit for applying
 Application deadline is 31 August 2022. The first session in Poland is planned for: 26-30.09.2022.
Principles of point assessment in the recruitment proceedings
 The Recruitment Commission carries out the qualification of candidates in reliance upon the assessment of the submitted documents and appraisal form devised by the research tutor selected by the candidate (in the standardised form).
Points afforded in the recruitment procedure*
  1. Close correspondence between the completed higher studies profile and the intended areas of further education up to 3 pts, in it: higher studies graduation diploma in the area of economics – 3 pts, social sciences – 2 pts, other studies – 1 pts.
  2. Grade/result on higher studies diploma - up to 3 pts;
  3. Publications - up to 5 pts;
  4. Presentation of the ideas for a PhD thesis - up to 3 pts;
  5. Research tutor's / supervisor's opinion on the candidate - up to 6 pts.

* 1-4 assessment is based on the information included in the application form. Research tutor / supervisor opinion is prepared in the standardised form.

In total, the candidate may be afforded the maximum of 20 points.

The minimum of points the candidate may receive to qualify for admission to studies is 12 points.
In case the number of candidates exceeds the limit, it is the number of points that shall decide about the said admission.
The candidates shall receive the information on the decision taken by the Recruitment Commission by e-mail and post.

More about nostrification procedure

Doctoral studies are on offer for candidates who hold a diploma or other document of studies graduation abroad recognised as per provisions on nostrification of higher studies graduation diplomas awarded abroad or subject to international agreement as an equivalent of Polish second degree studies graduation or uniform master studies diploma.

Person applying for admission to studies may be exempt from nostrification procedure if he/she holds higher studies graduation diploma:


  1. issued by an authorized institution operating in the education system of a EU member-state, Swiss Confederation, (EFTA) European Free Trade Agreement member-state – party to an Agreement on European Economic Area or country – party to Convention on recognition of qualifications pertinent to obtaining higher education in European Region drawn up in Lisbon on 11 April 1997.
  2. which entitles to seek admission to doctoral studies or start PhD programme in the country where it was awarded.
In the said situation, the candidate provides the Council of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk with:
  • an application for the exemption from nostrification procedure,
  • certificate issued by competent educational authorities or respective diplomatic or consular representation of European Union member-state, Swiss Confederation, (EFTA) European Free Trade Agreement member-state – party to an Agreement on European Economic Area or respective consul of the Republic of Poland, confirming that the said diploma entitles to seek admission to doctoral studies in the country where it was received.
Admission limit
 20 people

Tuition fee for the studies is 3500 EUR per annum for all candidates.