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The Faculty of Economics is located in Sopot, in the centre of the Tri-City of Pomerania region in Poland – Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

Sopot is a genuine seaside health resort center. Sopot has a great geographical location - lying between the beautiful woods of the Tri-City Landscape Park, and the numerous sand beaches of the Bay of Gdansk. Sopot is known for its sanitaria many artists and endless quantities of tourists, who mainly visit the city during the summertime. Monte Casino Street (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino) is the center of Sopot, a pedestrianised promenade. On both sides of the street there are countless XIX - XXth-century houses, some of them housing pubs or restaurants today. At the end of Monte Casino you'll find the Wooden Pier (Molo). It is the longest wooden pier in Europe. During the summertime, for a small fee you can enter the pier, and admire the coastline (http://guide.trojmiasto.pl/).

The thousand-year-old Gdansk is considered to be the most monument-packed city of "Baltic Europe". Gdansk is a Hanseatic (a town belonging to the Hanseatic League - a medieval league of towns in Northern Germany and adjacent countries for the promotion and protection of commerce). Most of the monuments in Gdansk are located near the heart of its Old Town District, around Długa Street, streets parallel to it, and the quayside (Długie Pobrzeże). The best place to start your trip would be the Upland Gate (Brama Wyżynna) and the King's Road stretching beyond it (http://guide.trojmiasto.pl/).

Known historically as the powderkeg whose spark (lit by Hitler) ignited the Second World War, it was also in Gdansk where the flame that signalled the collapse of communism was raised (by native son, Lech Walesa). Shedding the stigma that the city is little more than a bunch of battered cranes in a dingy shipyard, Gdansk's Old Town has been scrubbed clean, shined up, and stocked full of hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars and amber shops amidst the picturesque Burgher houses that line its streets (http://www.gdansk-life.com/).

Gdynia is a young, but quickly expanding port situated right by the seashore, offering many tourist attractions as well as splendid shopping opportunities and a lot of entertainment. The city was founded as a Polish harbor in 1926. Because of its unusual location, you will easily catch great views of the sea and beautiful scenery, and also find long promenades, beautiful waterfronts, marinas and yacht clubs. Gdynia is the only city in Poland and one of the few in Europe to pride itself on such a long and accessible seashore (http://guide.trojmiasto.pl/).

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