Information about ASN

Automatic News System (ANS)

has been designed in order to put information on the Faculty of Economics website and in the Faculty Event Calendar in a fast and efficient manner.








 How does it work ?

The main principle of ANS is that the person putting information can edit its form and content by means of an ANS editor. Faculty employees can put information via: :

  • logging on the Faculty employee portal (requirement of having proper qualifications)
  • unit secretary's office


Others can put information as long as they have an appropriate logging ticket. You can get the ticket by sending an e-mail to the event administrator to the following e-mail address: An e-mail message should include the information to be published. After acceptance of the message content the event administrator will send back the logging ticket which expiry date is 3 days from the issuing date.


Essential requirements

In order to put an information the following requirements should be met:

  • information should be placed in one of the events sections
  • entered text and graphics should meet all edit requirements of an entry form
  • short event description should be written both in Polish and in English


Information publication

The information will be published as soon as the edit message form has been filled in properly and the content and form of the message have been accepted by the moderator. In some cases in order to publish an information an approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics is required.