Additional enrolment at the Faculty of Economics

Posted on 2023-09-11


Dear Candidates!

We invite you to full-time Master studies in English "Logistics and Mobility"
conducted under the patronage of the Polish Supply Management Leaders!

Registration in IRK lasts until September 20, 2023.

The curriculum
content of the classes offered as part of the innovative and practical English-language "Logistics and Mobility" field of study provides knowledge and shape skills in the field of concept creation, assessment of the company's competitive capabilities, the use of methods and tools to streamline, rationalize, restructure and optimize economic processes in a company with special taking into account logistic processes.

The language of instruction is English.

Most companies and organizations with logistics processes and departments operate in an international context, and English is widely recognized as the language of business communication on a global scale.

Studying in this language can help you improve your communication skills and communicate better with partners, clients and colleagues from different countries, as well as understand industry and business issues directly in the language you use or will use in your professional work.

The study program focuses on the economic aspects of logistics support and broadly understood mobility, combines issues related to modelling logistics processes, supply chain management, sustainable development of urban mobility, making managerial decisions in logistics, the importance of forwarding and transport in logistics and the use of IT tools in logistics and mobility.

Detailed information on full-time Master studies in English at the Faculty of Economics:

Logistics and Mobility - recruitment information | Uniwersytet Gdański - University of Gdańsk (

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Registration of the candidates in IRK system: from 11 to 20 September 2023
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