Student Journal "Our Studies"

Posted on 2022-01-05

We cordially invite you to publish the articles in the Students' Journal OUR STUDIES No. 12/2022.
Deadline for submitting works in Polish and English: January 25, 2022.

Articles can be sent to the following address:

For more information and editorial requirements, please visit:

Wydział Ekonomiczny Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

Wydział Ekonomiczny Uniwersytet Gdański. Zeszyty Studenckie Wydziału Ekonomicznego
(ISSN 1731-6707, e-ISSN 2719-3608)

The journal's topics include: finance and banking, foreign trade, logistics, transport, marketing and insurance, the world economy, regional policy and innovation. We invite you!

Editorial Committee of Student Journals of the Faculty of Economics "Our Studies"