Economic Department of UG in Kaliningrad

Posted on 2018-10-08

On 29 September 2018 in Kaliningrad (Russia), the first edition of the Polish Culture Festival took place at the World Ocean Museum.

One of the key elements of the Festival was the promotion of the university offer from northern Poland addressed to high school students living in the Kaliningrad District. Taking into account the history of Kaliningrad, the inhabitants of the Oblast are not a homogeneous ethnic community. It is rather an identity conglomerate, and one of the groups of inhabitants are people with Polish roots or having ancestors living in the areas of the former Prussian partition. The young generation is open to the world and wants to know the different possibilities of studying. Hence the great interest in Polish universities.

The largest stand was presented by the University of Gdańsk. Representatives of particular departments of UG presented in Russian the program offer and study conditions in Poland.

The Faculty of Economics was represented by dr Sławomir Antkiewicz from the Institute of International Business. He presented the genesis of the Faculty of Economics in Russian, as well as the fields of study and specialties offered at the Faculty.

Dr Sławomir Antkiewicz also discussed the principles of recruitment requirements, the structure of the Faculty of Economics and professional perspectives of graduates. He also delivered a substantive lecture on the nature and types of investment funds.

Several hundred high school students from the Kaliningrad District were listeners of the presentation of representatives of individual faculties. During the whole festival day, several thousand people have passed through the Museum of the World Ocean and the stand of the University of Gdańsk.

In the second part of the day dr Sławomir Antkiewicz took part in a meeting with representatives of universities in Kaliningrad and discussed opportunities for scientific cooperation between employees of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk, and scientists from universities with headquarters in the Oblast.

The element of the Festival was also the burial of a symbolic tree of friendship in front of the Museum of the World Ocean and the ceremonial march of participants of the event along the main museum square.

In addition, artistic groups from Kashubia, Warmia and Masuria performed on the main stage throughout the day. At the largest stand - University of Gdansk - guests could talk about the offer for candidates, get acquainted with the structure of, among others, Faculty of Economics and relax in the relaxation area on the sun loungers with the UG logo.

High school graduates from the Kaliningrad District asked about specific study fields at the Faculty of Economics, study fees, prices in dormitories and approximate costs of living in Sopot. They were also interested in the documents required in the recruitment process and the level of knowledge of the Polish language during their studies at the Faculty of Economics. Of particular interest was the English-speaking specialty of International Business in the field of International Economic Relations.

At the end of the festival - Rafał Kosiba - Vice-consul for public and cultural diplomacy from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Kaliningrad, thanked the University of Gdańsk, including the Faculty of Economics for taking part in the Polish Culture Festival.

The author of the photos is Mrs. Magdalena Nieczuja - Goniszewska.