Entrepreneurship Week with ESG

Posted on 2023-11-16

On November 13, 2023, lecturers from the Faculty of Economics had the honor of taking part and giving lectures during the conference inaugurating the Wejherowo County Entrepreneurship Week at the invitation of the Starosta Gabriela Lisius and Mr. Tomasz Magulski, sub-inspector of the Faculty of Cultureand Social Affairs of the District Office in Wejherowo.

The conference took place in the historic Meeting Room of the Wejherowo County Council.The leading topic of the conference, prepared together with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk, was "ESG - new EU reporting requirements for enterprises". Sustainable development is one of the priorities of the European Union.

The consequence of this is the introduction of new EU non-financial reporting requirements, focusing on three criteria: E - environmental (environmental factors), S - societal (social factors, including social responsibility), G - governmental (factors related to corporate governance).

Enterprises are obliged to report non-financial criteria on a similarly structured basis as in financial reporting.

Lectures during the conference were presented by: Dr. Katarzyna Osiecka-Brzeska from the Department of Sustainable Development on "What are sustainable development and ESG", Dr. Magdalena Markiewicz from the Department of International Business on "Green finance. Financial instruments and sustainable development” and Dr. Joanna Czerepko from the Department of the Transport Market on “ESG in the supply chain”.

The guests of the conference organized on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week were students of the last grades of high schools and technical schools with financial profiles, entrepreneurs from the district and representatives of local governments.It is important for young people to know the new guidelines that apply to all enterprises, and by knowing the so-calledgreen finance, it is possible to find ways to finance pro-ecological investments that meet the ESG reporting criteria.

In an interesting and lively discussion during the conference, entrepreneurs from the district referred to the importance of CSRD for all enterprises, especially in the value chain, in the context of opportunities, but also limitations affecting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Conference participants were interested in definitional issues, preparation of reports, criteria and schedule for implementing changes related to non-financial reporting, as well as financing the costs of implementing these changes.Many questions were asked about consulting and the possibility of consulting specific cases related to non-financial reporting.

Local government representatives express interest in the need to create urban adaptation plans to climate change, which may result in additional points in competitions for investment funds.

The Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation with the Socio-Economic Environment of the Faculty of Economics, Dr. Magdalena Markiewicz, said in an interview for Twoja Telewizja Morska about reporting enterprise activities regarding their impact on the environment, society and management in the corporate sphere:

“Large companies have been coping with this very well for many years.This is a big problem for small and medium-sized enterprises.Firstly, small and medium-sized enterprises often employ a smaller number of people dealing on a daily basis with what is the basic organic activity. Very often, it must be a person who will be very familiar with the new guidelines, will know how to apply them, and therefore knowledge is needed.

I am very happy with the presence of young people because it is the youngest generation that is very sensitive to these problems.They see their importance.It is probably these young people who will have the greatest impact and the opportunity to implement all kinds of activities that will make our world beautiful."

"Press and TV information about the conference: In Wejherowo they talk to students about entrepreneurship.'It is in the hands of young people to make the world beautiful'


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