Time management workshops for pupils

Posted on 2023-06-17

On May 13, 2023, an academic meeting was held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk as part of the project "Talented from Pomerania - University of Gdańsk".

The topic of the meeting was "Habits of effective action, or how to manage yourself in time", and its participants were secondary school students from all over the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

As part of the meeting, students learned and practically practiced many elements in one of the important skills in the area of social competence, i.e. time management.

The classes covered the theoretical and practical basis of time planning issues, as well as reaching compromises in this area.

Participants worked both individually, and in teams. Differences in the individual perception of time were revealed, the need to adapt one's own schedules to other people, as well as to include elements that are often not taken into account in time management.

As part of the classes, a lecture was held presenting the process of time management. Based on the techniques and methods learned for planning and time management, participants developed their own set of ways to deal with time management habits.

The active form of the classes was conducive to building communication skills in teamwork, and all participants were involved in all the numerous tasks during the workshops.

The hosts wish all participants the achievement of their goals, effective time management and taking up interesting challenges!

Workshops prepared and conducted by: 

Magdalena Markiewicz, PhD and Przemysław Wysiński, MA from the Department of International Business, Faculty of Economics.

Cooperation within the framework of building social competences under the "Zdolni z Pomorza" program is an initiative of Magdalena Markiewicz, PhD, Deputy dean for cooperation with the socio-economic environment of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk.


Time management is a valuable competence that we usually train throughout our lives.

It's worth mentioning that during their studies at the Faculty of Economics, students of courses taught in Polish "Economics", "International Economic Relations", as well as English-language courses "International Business" and "Logistics and Mobility" learn many aspects of time management.

This applies not only to time planning during the study process itself, but it is also the subject of analysis and improvement of knowledge and competences in such subjects that are an important supplement to economic knowledge, such as (depending on the specialty or specialty module):

"Project management", "Evaluation and control of projects, Projects in practice", "International project management", "Business projects in practice", "Project management methods and techniques", "Project management in the enterprise", "Business design", or "Project management in an enterprise".