Why should you choose the University of Gdańsk Executive MBA?

It is generally known that the work market is most demanding and ever specialist knowledge of one field and the ability to speak foreign languages ate not enough. If one does not know the secrets of management, marketing of finance, the road to success is hard. Among our students we have had doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, managers of prestigious companies and established entrepreneurs. They all have found in the MBA studies a way to broaden their knowledge and a guarantee to be successful in business.

Many people wish to complete an MBA but do not want to interrupt their careers. Executive MBA participants remain in full-time work while they study, simultaneously advancing their careers and their professional and personal development.

The UG EMBA studies are undoubtedly laborious and time-consuming and require many sacrifices both from the students and their families. However, the MBA degree is respected by employers all over the world, and we do our best to make our graduates join this elite.

I wish you a great deal of success.

Dr Renata Orłowska, MBA
UG EMBA Director