Educational activity


Selected subjects taught by our employees


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management, International Business Management, Cultural Aspects of International Business, International Transport and Logistics
  • Human Capital Management, International Human Resource Management
  • International Finance, Money and Capital Markets, LSEG Academy, Corporate Finance, Personal Finance
  • International Economic Relations, Entrepreneurship, Russian Economy, Psychology in Economics, Psychology in Finance



Textbooks and teaching scripts


  • Żołądkiewicz K., Orłowska R., International Economic Diplomacy – Case Studies (skrypt w formacie pdf), Projekt „PROgram Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego (ProUG) nr POWR.03.05.00-00-Z308/17-00, Sopot 2019.
  • Żołądkiewicz K., Orłowska R., International Economic Diplomacy. Diplomacy Starts with Trade (skrypt w formacie pdf), Projekt „PROgram Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego (ProUG) nr POWR.03.05.00-00-Z308/17-00, Sopot 2019.
  • Globalizacja i regionalizacja w gospodarce światowej, R. Orłowska, K. Żołądkiewicz, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa 2012.
  • Cykle koniunkturalne-teoria, analiza i praktyka, R. Orłowska, S. Pangsy-Kangsy, Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Gdańsk 2003.
  • Nikodemska-Wołowik A.M., Jakościowe badania marketingowe – klucz do zrozumienia nabywcy, Verde, Warszawa, 2008.


Events and projects for students


  • LSEG Research Grant Competition 2022/2023 - a competition for research grants for students of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk, implemented in cooperation with LSEG (Refinitiv) company; supervisors from the Faculty: Dr Urszula Mrzygłód and dr Joanna Adamska-Mieruszewska
  • Study visit of International Business Level II students to international organisations based in Geneva in 2019 and 2022: World Trade Organisation (WTO), United Nations (UN) - UNCTAD, International Trade Centre (ITC), International Labour Organisation (ILO). The trip was financed by the University of Gdańsk Development Programme (ProUG) project No. POWR.03.05.00-00-Z308/17-00; supervisors from the Department: Dr Krystyna Żołądkiewicz, Prof. UG, Dr Renata Orłowska. 
  • Cyclical Christmas integration meetings of first- and second-level International Business students and lecturers (IB Christmas Party); supervisors: Renata Orłowska, PhD, and Katarzyna Osiecka-Brzeska, PhD.
  • Cyclical project Sustainable Development Day at the University of Gdańsk - Fair Trade Section (2019-2022); supervisors from the side of the Chair Dr Renata Orłowska and Dr Katarzyna Osiecka-Brzeska.
  • Study visit at J. J. Darboven on international brand management and implementation of the CSR concept (2020 and 2022); supervisor for the Department: Dr Anna Maria Nikodemska-Wołowik.
  • Student Scientific Circle of Effective Market Solutions (EFERR), supervisor Dr Renata Orłowska.

Lectures and training at foreign partner universities

  •  University of Zaragoza, Spain, April 2022:  dr Krystyna Żołądkiewicz, prof. UG and dr Renata Orłowska with a lecture on The Multilateral Trading System - The World Trade Organisation.
  • Kobe University - Graduate Business School, Japan, January 2023: Dr Renata Orłowska with a lecture on International Economic Diplomacy the Role of WTO.
  • Western Sydney University (Australia, April 2022): Dr Krystyna Żołądkiewicz, prof. UG and Dr Renata Orłowska with a lecture entitled Multilateral Trading System.
  • 6th Erasmus + Staff Traninig Week (Funchal Madeira Portugal, 5-9 December 2022), ISAL | Instituto Superior de Administração e Línguas: dr hab. Krystyna Żołądkiewicz, prof. UG and dr Renata Orłowska. The training course "How to Run an International Summer University?"

Selected BA and MA thesis topics


  • Financial and non-financial reporting in multinational companies
  • Sustainable development of regions on the example of ....
  • Project management in multinational companies 
  • Marketing aspects of the real estate market in the international environment
  • Differences in brand positioning strategies in the airline industry (a comparison of Ryanair and Emirates)
  • Determinants of purchase decisions made by representatives of generation Z
  • Economic analysis of the Korean entertainment industry on tourism 
  • Factors influencing consumer behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic using the example of the textile industry
  • Analysis of the meat substitutes market based on the performance of selected vegan companies by country 
  • Analysis of factors in the Japan-South Korea trade conflict 
  • New investment opportunities for Polsih investment abroad
  • Trade war between US and China and its impact on the international trade
  • Development of the luxury industry on the example of the Chanel brand