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Dr Katarzyna Bałandynowicz-Panfil



Employee Profile


Katarzyna Bałandynowicz-Panfil holds a doctorate in economics and is employed at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk as lecturer. Dr Bałandynowicz-Panfil also holds a diploma in Professional Study of Human Resources Management awarded by the Gdansk Foundation for the Management of Managers.



At the Faculty of Economics, she lectures on international business management, human capital management, international human resource management, cultural conditions for international business (in Polish and English), and business case studies (in English).


Dr Bałandynowicz-Panfil also worked as a scientific editor of the journal called International Business and Global Economy (IBage). She is a member of the board of the Polish Gerontological Society (Gdańsk Branch) and a member of the Polish Demographic Society. She has also experience in co-ordinating and co-implementing projects in such areas as aging societies, the labour market and regional development.





Research interests include:

  • socio-economic consequences of social internships, 
  • consumption behaviour of seniors,
  • role of the media in shaping the image, 
  • silver economy and its impact on regional development.