Date 09.10.2022


Three courses are canceled due to insufficient number of participants:

  • Business presentation workshop 4 zapisanych 
  • Fundamentals of European Integration 7 zapisanych 
  • Sustainable Urban Transport and Mobility 5 zapisanych 



Date: 20.09.2022


Dear students,


An introductory meeting for Incoming Students will be held on Oct. 5th 2022 at 1 p.m. in auditorium A (aula A) at the Faculty of Economics.

Attendance in the meeting is obligatory.


During the meeting, we will explain how to enrol on courses and answer your questions. The enrollment will be on Thursday, Oct 6th 2022 by the Student Portal. 


You do not have to attend courses before enrollment.

You should have received your password and login to the Student's Portal by email from our administration before the meeting. If not: 1. check your spam folder, 2. check if this is the same email address you have provided while registering.


Before the meeting, please check if your account in the Student's Portal is active. Enrollment for courses can be done ONLY via Student's Portal. 


All the courses for the Erasmus+ are planned as stationary. However, in reality, it will depend on the current pandemic situation.


The list of Lectures for Erasmus+ incoming students is available in the Lectures and schedules section.


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