Studies in China

Beijing Institute of Technology scholarship

The host university is 北京 理工 大学, a prestigious Beijing Polytechnic, which is one of the top 100 universities in China.


Scholarships are available to students:

Bachelor studies:

  • Second year students, who have passed two semesters Faculty of Economics UG;

Master studies:

  • First year of study (criteria-  grades on the diploma of completion of the bachelor degree),
  • Second year, for students who have passed two semesters of study at the Faculty of Economics UG.

Warning! International Business students, part-time and other paid studies students at the Faculty of Economics, are not exempted from UG fees for that period.


Study lasts one semester with the possibility of extending for another. The scholarship covers the cost of studying at a Chinese university or Chinese language course, and gives the opportunity to use the dorm free of charge. The scholarship does not cover the student's fare and boarding expenses. The recruitment fee of CNY 500 (about 250 PLN) is paid after qualifying for the scholarship.


Students should select subjects that are equivalent to courses offered at the Faculty of Economics. BIT classes will be conducted in English. If there are no equivalent courses at the Beijing Institute of Technology, students will have to complete the course after getting back from China.


Recruitment is a two-step process. In the first stage, the completed form should be taken to the dean's office to calculate the average grade, and then scanned and send to the coordinator dr Tomasz Bieliński at


  • Recruitment for the winter semester runs from March 15 to April 30.
  • Recruitment for the summer semester runs from October 15 to November 30.

More information can be found at BIT:

The number of candidates that will be granted with scholarship varies depending on the ability of the Chinese partner to accept students.



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