Visit to Copenhagen


Kopenhagen is located on the Eastern coast of Zeland and connected by a railway and motorway bridge to the Swidish city of Malmo. Danish biggest city has a population of over 600 000 inhabitants and country’s biggest harbor. The city is economically well-developed, the services sector is dominated by IT, pharmacy and clean technologies.



Danish capital city is regularly ranked as one of world’s best places to live in. The people of Copenhagen run their city on bikes. In 2016 the number of bicycles exceeded there the number of cars. By 2025, however, the Danes hope to have 50% of bicycles as means of transport in the city’s overall transport system. 




Tourism is very important for the city as well, accounting for over USD 12 billion in revenues annually. The city of Christian Andersen has many tourist attractions, including Nyhavn on the seaside, where the writer grew up, the Copenhagen mermaid and the Tivoli Gardens with numerous food markets, cafes and live music spots arranged between the alleys.