Student societies

Student Scientific Society of International Finance

The student society operates within the framework of the Department of International Business.

The statutory activities of the student society concentrate on:

  • organizing a Student Conference “Current trends in banking and finance in Poland and abroad” every year (in April),
  • arranging meetings with financial and banking practitioners and experts,
  • participating in conferences and seminars devoted to banking,
  • cooperating with other scientific societies,
  • publishing the Student Journal of Faculty of Economics,
  • visiting National Bank of Poland and Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • organizing Test of Economic Knowledge for the students,
  • participation in the Baltic Festival of Science,
  • cooperation with Refinitiv.

The Student Society members are mainly the students of higher levels who are engaged in preparing their master theses. The society is a platform for them to exchange their views and experiences. The students have a chance of deepening their knowledge in the field of finance and banking.

Professor Danuta Marciniak-Neider and Magdalena Markiewicz, M.A. supervise the activity of the Student Scientific Society of International Finance.

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Students Scientific Society on International Business "Hazet" 


Students Scientific Society on International Business "Hazet" operates at the International Business Department since 2005. “HaZet”’s  tutors are: prof. zw. dr hab. Ewa Oziewicz and dr. Monika Grottel.

The Society was established at the initiative of students of the fourth year of International Business specialization.

The primary aims of the "Hazet" Students Society are following: a cooperation with entrepreneurs in the implementation of joint projects, solving practical problems and in providing academic researches, creating opportunities for practical training and internship, cyclic publishing a newspaper "Hazet Tribune", organization of scientific conferences and thematic workshops.

"Hazet" associates students interested in topics related to the international goods turnover and business enterprises in the global markets as well as the idea of Fair Trade.

Activities in the Student Scientific Society "Hazet" gives students the opportunity to establish contacts with representatives of business practice, of governmental  and non-governmental organizations and institutions.

“HaZet” Society also offers students a chance to supplement the theoretical knowledge learned during their studies with the practical experience. In this way students acquire additional advantages, as future, potential employees on the labor market.