Student internships

General rules referring to students non-obligatory internships at Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk

  1. Students internships at the Faculty of Economics are non obligatory.
  2. Internships may be held by the students of the of first-cycle study in Economics and International Business Relations.
  3. Students are granted ECTS points for the completed and accepted by the Faculty of Economics internship: 4 points.
  4. The internship should last at least 120 hours.
  5. The internship has to refer to the character of the study at the Faculty of Economic, especially to the student’s specialization.
  6. Acceptance of the internship is conditioned by submitting a report by the student (form available to download), where the internship, the student’s tasks and achievements are described. The report should be confirmed by the direct supervisor of the internship, who represents the company.
  7. Due to the non-obligatory character of the internship, students are not against accidents during the term of internship by the University, therefore are required to ensure self-insurance.