Open Economic Lectures

Posted on 2023-12-01

You are most welcome to participate in the series of Open Economic Lectures in the academic year 2023/2024 conducted in the online formula at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdansk.

This is already the seventh edition of the lectures, the previous editions have already been attended by more than 2,500 people, and have already been conducted by 40 lecturers.

Another extremely interesting edition is just ahead!

The lectures of economic content and popular science nature are aimed at increasing the economic awareness of young Poles, as well as deepening knowledge of economic issues, including assistance in preparing for Olympiads and subject competitions.

The lectures can also provide valuable assistance to teachers and interesting material for young people.

The content of the lectures is consistent with the requirements of the curriculum of the subjects "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" and "Business and Management".

The lectures are held on selected Tuesdays from 17:30 to 19:00.

Subsequent lectures will be held every 2 weeks. The dates of the next lectures in the winter semester are: 19.12.2023 and 16.01.2024.

We encourage you strongly to participate!

The next lecture will be held on 05.12.2023.

The lecture entitled „A little bit about supply and demand, or where the equations in economics come from and what they are used for" will be conducted by Ph.D. Sylwia Machowska-Okrój.  Moderator: Associate Professor Anna Blajer-Gołębiewska.

Who has seen demand? What does it look like? What does buying and selling have to do with mathematical equations? What are demand and supply equations needed for and where do they come from? How many times have you heard ‘what do I need this maths for’? The secret 'c' word will open your eyes and allow you to answer the questions above. If you don't like maths, this is the lecture for you.

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