Specialization Finance in companies

Specialization Finance in companies was established in cooperation with the ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the Accountants Association in Poland. Is offered as part-time master studies. Specialization is divided into two groups:

I. Finances in companies

II. Finances in companies - accredited by ACCA

The aim of specialization

The aim of the Finance in companies specialization is to train specialists in the field of accounting and finance (including controlling and audit) as well as professional upper management staff.



Lecturers are not only of scientific staff but also auditors, practitioners in carrying out economic and financial analysis. Subjects such as Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Audits, etc. taught in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

The study program for specialization Finance in companies is based on a range of knowledge and skills needed to gain a prestigious qualification ACCA. Thus, part of the subjects taught corresponds to the ACCA subjects and exams at Fundamentals level.

Examinations of the subjects of the F1-F9 are recognized by the ACCA. This means that students in the specialization finance in companies seem these exams as part of his studies at the Faculty of Economics and need only report to ACCA to obtain credit qualifications.


Finance in companies - studies accredited by ACCA

In contrast to the students of the Finance group in enterprises, students from the ‘Finance in companies - accredited by ACCA’ registered as an ACCA student  and they pass accredited by ACCA exams in  F1- F4 and F6- F9. (there are also advanced negotiations regarding the recognition of the F5 exam).

Each passed exam means the recognition of the qualifications by the ACCA. As a result students do not have to pass exams in English in the ACCA centers, but they take these exams in te Polish language at the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk during their masters studies. The scope of the examination taken at the Faculty of Economics is the same as for the ACCA exams. However, students receive support in the form of lectures and classes on these subject. Students joins ACCA is obliged to pay (to ACCA) registration fee, annual fees and fees for each examination.

Thus, students gain a unique opportunity to simultaneously acquire master's degree in economics and the ACCA qualifications which are recognized and acknowledged throughout the world.


ACCA gives students of Finances in companies specialization the opportunity to take examinations at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdansk in the Polish language during their masters studies, but provides a number of additional opportunities: participation in trainings, access to literature in the field of finance and accounting, the acquisition contacts among financiers from the area of Pomerania (see ACCA Family Meeting).

More information on ACCA Global.


Graduates of Finance in companies specialization acquired the following skills :
• preparation of balance sheet, profit and loss statement,
• analysis of company documents,
• describtion and analysis of the causes and course of economic processes and phenomena through the prism of the company's financial record ,
• the use of cost accounting techniques ,
• application of the rules of the tax system for individuals and businesses,
• practical use of the knowledge of the result of the company management ,
• effective evaluation of investments,
• the assesment of the company value using various methods ,
• decision-making under uncertainty and risk ,
• estimation and risk analysis in company, etc.


dr Anna Blajer-Gołębiewska
Microeconomics Faculty