Graduation Ceremony 2019

The Graduation Ceremony will be held on November 22, 2019. During the Gala graduates of the Faculty of Economics will be awarded honorary diplomas.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Graduation is a special moment  for all graduates. The Graduation Ceremony  is a unique event and You will be able to meet  again your Professors, Colleagues, dress up in togas and academic birette.

I hope this will be a nice memento for you as it ends one of the most wonderful time  in your life, the time to acquire knowledge, skills and competences as well as to make lifelong friendships.

We hope it will be the foundation and source of life-long support for you. We would like you to return to the Faculty of Economics both in memories, which will facilitate a beautiful photo from the Ceremony, but also in the future as practitioners, cooperating and sharing their experience with the younger generation.

Dr hab. Monika Bšk, prof. UG

Dean of the Faculty of Economics