LSEG Academy


LSEG Academy is the subject devoted to Eikon product. It is conducted in Polish, as well as in English for students of International Business. By participating in classes, students have the opportunity to confront their knowledge of finance and economics with markets operating in real-time. Students learn the basic principles of financial markets, technical and fundamental analysis, and above all are up to date with the events taking place in the international financial markets. After completing the course, students take the exam prepared in cooperation with LSEG and may receive LSEG Eikon Certification, which confirms a high level of product knowledge. 


Students participating in LSEG Academy take the exam prepared in cooperation with the company and may receive a certificate, which confirms a high level of EIKON knowledge. The exam is conducted in the LSEG Eikon Lab - room 402 at the Faculty of Economics. The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice test questions that are randomly generated from the database. The exam lasts 60 minutes.




LSEG Academy - course program


LSEG Academy 1  The scope of cooperation with LSEG and the nature of the subject. Data scope and characteristics of basic functionalities in the Eikon facility
LSEG Academy 2  Applications: Quote, Monitor (Quote List), Economic Monitor. Searching for available applications: App Library.
LSEG Academy 3  Searching for fundamental data and news for listed companies, including basic business characteristics, listed instruments, financial reports, graphics, corporate governance and management, events in the company, ownership structure, indebtedness, and access to original documents.
LSEG Academy 4  Searching for data and messages using various tools and methods. Saving, saving and calling obtained results. The functionality of ready-made hints in the Eikon program.
LSEG Academy 5  Data analysis in graphic objects available in Eikon. Graphics designed for listing financial instruments. Data analysis in graphic objects for company fundamental data and macroeconomic data.
LSEG Academy 6   Using a spreadsheet in the Eikon environment. Real-time data transfer to a spreadsheet. Search and record fundamental data and historical records in a spreadsheet.
LSEG Academy 7  Selected other features and applications in the Eikon program:  Interactive Map, Company Chart View, Social Media Monitor, and US Opinion Polls.
LSEG Academy 8  Final assessment - certification