There are more than 3400 students studying at the Faculty of Economics:


2720 - full-time students,
500   - part-time students,
100   - students in postgraduate studies,
100   - doctoral students in economics.




Students wishing to earn college degrees are able to acquire a broad and thorough knowledge in two fields: Economics and International Economic Relations.
Educational offer at the Faculty of Economics includes Bachelor studies held as full-time and part-time studies,
Master studies held as full-time and part-time studies, doctoral and post-graduate studies.

Doctoral and post-graduate studies are offered both in Polish and English curricula.

The offer of the Faculty is complemented by studies conducted exclusively in English on International Business specialization in the field of International Economic Relations. These are studies conducted at level I and II level in stationary mode.

In addition, in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry, we offer courses in Business Chemistry (Bachelor level) and Business and Environmental Technology (Master level).
Students of the Faculty of Economics may take part in ERASMUS+ - international students' exchange programme, they can study abroad in the countries outside the European Union See: Study abroad

Students may also study within MOST - national exchange programme.