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Sustainable Development Day at the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk

“Sustainability – Start with yourself!”


On the 5th of June 2018, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk will host the Sustainable Development Day. A number of thematic events will be organized as part of this day. The first project is a photo contest which covers two topics: “Fight against poverty”, where students will be the target group and “Capture the sporting spirit” for 16+ age group.

The second project is titled “City on detox” which consists of three initiatives. The first being an "Ecological footprint calculation" which will allow you to calculate your ecological ‘global’ footprint. The second is “Colourful containers”, a game aimed at showing how to properly sort your household waste according to a new recycling rules. The third is called “Cosmetic detox”, it will take place in the form of workshops in which individuals will create natural cosmetics and cleaning products.

The third project is aimed at “Zero Waste”. Within its framework there will be three actions promoting the slogans: reuse (use it again), reduce (try to limit the using) and recycle (file and process). As part of “reuse” you will be able to check how much you can reduce waste by getting a reusable material bag for your daily shopping. The "reduce" initiative will be based on the "Coffee in your cup" campaign – anyone who comes with their own cup will receive free coffee. Within the framework of "recycle", up-cycling workshops will be held, where we will bring ‘junk’ and waste back to ‘life’ and use. 

The fourth project “Be healthy – Eat healthy” is a dietary workshop. In this project, you will be shown how to change unhealthy eating habits into healthy ones, and learn that only a few healthy eating habits can change the way you feel. Next, as part of the "Fair Trade" project, workshops and an exhibition of Fair Trade principles will be organized. The workshops "Fair Trade Friendly School" are aimed at promoting the idea of Fair Trade among students and employees as well as primary school students. 

The last project is a two part discussion panel which will first address the topic of sustainable urban mobility and present actions that can be introduced, promoted and overridden into sustainable development practice, e.g. will focalize on metropolitan bike or car sharing. The second part of the panel will be held under the slogan of “Business and sustainable development”.





Link to download the poster in pdf format.