Tadeusz Ocioszyński

Tadeusz Ocioszyński was born in 1893 in Warsaw. He studied chemistry at the University of Lvov and Warsaw. He worked in many institutions in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. During II World War, until 1941, he remained with the savings, the sale of movables and casual activities. He spent a lot of time on scientific and research of the Polish maritime economy rules after the liberation of the country. In 1941 he accepted a job in the Central Welfare Council. Simultaneously, he became involved in underground work education. He was a teacher at the Secondary School of Commerce of Maria Berutowa, where he taught the course "Communication and the tariff." Under the formal objects of "rail transport" Tadeusz Ocioszyński was preparing young people for work in the maritime companies after the war. Soon he began to prepare a program of specialized courses for the most interested students. The part of his audience was accepted to the University of the Western Territories, which was the first economic study in the field of the maritime economy in the history of higher education in Poland. The initiator of this project was then the Chancellor of the University of Poznan Władysław Kowalenko.

Tadeusz Ocioszyński also conducted lectures in the Warsaw School of Economics (under the name of the Municipal School of Commerce). In 1945 he worked closely with Władysław Kowalenko on starting the college with sea-profile successor to the Marine Institute. After a positive decision in 1945 allowing the establishment of the Higher School of Maritime Trade School in Gdynia he assisted its organization. He gave lectures on the transport and shipping issues. He was invited to conduct the lectures at the Technical University of Gdansk in the field of economics of shipping and maritime transport. He was the director of the Marine Faculty in Sopot. In the 50’ devoted himself entirely to the university in Sopot. He was one of the organizers of the Department of Economics of Maritime Transport and was its first director.

After II World War, in addition to research activities, he developed as a practician in the economy and maritime administration. He organized the State Commission for Maritime Losses and War Reparations, and worked for it until completion of its work in 1946. Tadeusz Ocioszyński was a member of the delegation to Moscow on the division of the German fleet and to London on the return of the Polish fleet in the country. In 1946 he became President of the Chamber of Commerce in Gdynia. In 1956, Tadeusz Ocioszyński was appointed Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Shipping (since 1957 the Ministry of Shipping and Maritime).

In 1959 he retired. Nevertheless, he remained active and since 1960 and chaired the Scientific Council to the Minister for Shipping, since 1961 was a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Marine and participated in the Department of Marine Polish Economic Society in Gdańsk. 4th March 1969 he died in Sopot. In 1973 the Faculty of Transport Economics one of the audience halls was named by professor Tadeusz Ocioszyński (Aula O). In December 1975 the Polish Ocean Lines named one of DWTs “Ocioszyński”.