Professor Bolesław Piotr Kasprowicz

Bolesław Kasprowicz was born in 1885 in Wielkopolska. He graduated from the University of Berlin and the School of Economics in Berlin. He defended his doctorate at the University of Poznan. In 1930, the career directed him to the Coast as he covered the position of the director of the Port Business Board.

Since 1930, he was a lecturer of the Institute of Maritime Trade and Port Technology in Gdynia. After the war he taught at the University of Economics in Poznan and the Higher School of Maritime Trade in Gdynia. From 1962-1965 he was a Rector of the Higher School of Economics in Sopot (formerly the Rector of Higher School of Maritime Trade). He initiated the functioning of the Department of Transport Economics at the School of Economics. His scientific achievements and contribution to the economics of ports were of interest to many universities in Europe. Professor Kasprowicz presented his thesis at the universities of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen and Dresden. In 1963 he was awarded the title of professor.

On his initiative there was founded the maritime branch of the Polish Economic Society. Since 1965, he served as the Chairman of the Scientific Council of Transport Economics Research Center in Warsaw. For many years he was a member of the Scientific and Economic Provincial Council in Gdansk. In 1957-1962 he was the Chairman of the Department of the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade in Gdynia and a member of Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade in Warsaw, the Scientific Council to the Minister for Shipping, Technical and Economic Council to the Minister for Communications, the Scientific Council of Motor Transport Institute, Vice Chairman of the Marine Science Institute in Gdynia.

He was honored by two universities with honorary doctorate: University of Gdansk and the University of Rostock. Gdansk University distinguished professor Bolesław Kasprowicz the honorary doctorate for his achievements in the organization of academic education and economic development. He died on December 9, 1983.